Solo Leveling Chapter 171: Release Date and Spoilers!

So many intense scenes unfolded in the previous chapters, and a lot has been going on with the characters as they face near-death experiences several times. There is no doubt that the readers are always anxiously looking forward to the release of the next chapter.

The series is filled with action and fantasy, so the love and attention this manga is getting are huge. As the plot gets more engrossing, fans are curious to know about the next event. If you are wondering the same, continue scrolling down to find out its release date and potential spoilers.

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Release Date

Chapter 171 of the manga is set to release on Thursday, October 28, 2021, for Korean fans. Those in the west can access the chapter from the 27th of October. This is such big news for the fans as the date is approaching and luckily, there are no delays. 


Solo Leveling Chapter 170 Recap

Here’s everything that happened in the previous chapter:

  • Mankind has given up hope thinking that the doomsday of the earth is nearing, and so they seep wines as they look forward to death. 
  • Sung Jin Woo appears from a mysterious silhouette and tells the Americans that he is in exchange for the Runestones Kamishi left behind and to hand over the runes to him. It turns out he is the keeper of the stones. 
  • According to him, the runestones will help launch a counterattack and make the hunters defeat the demonic beasts.
  • Runestones are shown to remain locked inside the bodies of the demonic beasts after their deaths. And Sung in woo swears to annihilate the beasts using the special stones.
  • We also witnessed the heartbreaking scene where Lady Elner and Jin-woo discussed their future plans. Seeing the sacrificing nature of him, Lady Elner sobs as he enters the battle putting his own life at risk to save mankind. 


Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers

As there are no spoilers or leaks regarding the upcoming chapter, it is hard to access now until its release. In the previous chapter, we saw Jin woo readily offering his life to save the human race. So anything can unfold in the coming chapter and fans are wondering if he will be able to defeat death? Stay tuned!

Where to read Solo Leveling?

Tapas Media, TappyToon and Kakao page are the legal sites available for reading the manga. 


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