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Director Andrews Hints At Possibility Of More Spider-Man Stories After What If… Zombies!?


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After the air of Season 1 of Marvel’s What If…? fans are completely curious about the development and possibilities of Spidey’s story. As Marvel Cinematic Universe fans each look back at their favorite storylines and scenes of each character, one of the episodes that had a huge buzz surrounding it was What If… Zombies!?

The What If… Zombies!? episode combined the existing Marvel Zombies comic trope along with the MCU characters. In this episode, Peter Parker / Spider-Man’s story stood out largely. Fans found it intriguing how the canon and the story were handled when it comes to zombies and Spidey.

Shortly after the season finale aired, What If…? Director Bryan Andrews spoke to ComicBook and also mentioned things that may have hinted at Spider-Man and the future development of these stories.

Spider-Man And Zombies?

Director Bryan Andrews hinted that future stories involving Spider-Man aren’t out of the realm of possibility. However, he also cannot confirm whether the cast along with the crew will be able to give a clear green light for this in the second season of the show.

“Well, we can’t talk too much about what may or may not be happening in Season 2. But we do love Spider-Man, so who knows what may happen in the future,” Andrews said. He emphasized that he would like to revisit each character that we’ve already been familiar with and give them a totally different angle.

“But when it comes to Season 2, we can’t say anything about that stuff,” Andrews concluded. However, it’s clear that there’s surely potential for Spider-Man to be entangled in a new and exciting web of stories.

Other Comments

Head writer of What If…? AC Bradley also revealed during an interview earlier this year that Spider-Man’s situation was a highly interesting one along with it being positive.

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“I think I did ask that early on. I was like, ‘Can we just touch Spider-Man? And they went, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’re going to figure it out. Just tell the best story you can, and we’ll cross that bridge.” Bradley shared earlier. This does give birth to a huge hope for fans who want to keep seeing more of Spider-man and his new adventures and storyline.

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