Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers and Other Details

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 5

Here is everything you may want to know about Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6. The anime has been getting a lot of rave reviews for its amazing songs and plot and is definitely one of the most popular shows at the moment.

About Ya Boy Kongming

Yuto Yotsuba and Ry Ogawa created the manga series Ya Boy Kongming. From December 2019 until November 2021, the serial was published on Kodansha’s Comic Days website, and afterwards in Weekly Young Magazine.

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As of April 2022, it comprises a collection of nine tankobon volumes. P.A. Works’ anime television series adaption launched on streaming platforms in March 2022 and on broadcast in April 2022.

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 5 Recap

Since Episode 6 is not out yet, we can go over Episode 5. Eiko understands that Kongming has been busy finding a rapper who might help them get 100,000 likes. The fans are really curious as to who the rapper might be.

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6


Here enters  Kabetaijin who fits the stereotype of the sexy, detached musician. We see him practicing his freestyle rap at the beginning of his introduction, under his breath. His hardcore skills might be exactly what Kongming is looking for. But we soon find out that  Kabetaijin has extreme stage fright who contacts his mother to calm his nerves.

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6

Because of this stress, he develops stomach ulcers. Kabe will rap-battle  Kongming himself. But Kongming, with his experience, is able to inject fresh confidence in Kabe. Kabe, out of his love of rap, develops stomach ulcers this time over the prospect of not participating in battle.

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6 Spoilers

Official spoilers for Ya Boy Kongming are not out yet. But we speculate that the next episode will build on the Kabe arc and he will surely develop more confidence on stage.

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Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6 Release Date

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 6 will be released in the second week of 2022. Every new episode of Ya Boy Kongming will be released after a period of every 7 days.

Where To Watch

You can stream all the episodes of Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE with available English subtitles.

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