Kingdom Chapter 709: Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19

In a shocking move in Kingdom Chapter 709, Ri Shin killed Ryuhaku. The dead general’s soldiers screamed in agony over what had happened and they look bloodthirsty. Ri Shin is in a tight space between the Kanki soldiers on one side and the Ryuhaku unit on the other.

Will this fight reach its fever pitch and lead to a great battle? Will Ri Shin escape with his life or will the mad revenge of the Ryuhaku unit end his journey in this war? Will that unit surrender or continue to brave all odds? Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 709.

About Kingdom 

Kingdom is a historical manga that presents a fictionalized account of the Warring States period of China. It follows the story of war orphan Ri Shin who fights to become the greatest general. His ambition is to unify China after 500 years of violence and war.

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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 708

KIngdom Chapter 709 hasn’t been officially released yet. So it would be good to recap the events in Chapter 708. Ri Shin has killed Ryuhaku and his soldiers are screaming in agony. The Kanki soldiers are furious at Ri Shin for not having given them the opportunity to torture Ryuhaku. Ri Shin screams for all of them to stop speaking. So now both the Kanki and Ryuhaku soldiers want Ri Shin dead. 

Ri Shin says that Kanki’s a good general and he would do anything to protect him and that his unit too lost good men in order to protect Kanki. His voice booms louder and his speech becomes more aggressive. 

He reminds the Kanki soldiers that they killed 100,000 innocent civilians in order to avenge Ryuhaku. He bellows that he would never forgive any Kanki soldier as long as he lives and breathes. They threaten to kill him instead. 

Showing chivalry, Ri Shin asks the Ryuhaku soldiers to do something they have never done before. He asks them to surrender then and there and take back their general’s body before it is defiled by the Kanki army. 

But the Ryuhaku soldiers are thirsty for blood and they won’t back down. They attack him but Kyou-Hai and Rei intervene to defend him. Rei thanks Ri Shin that she now understands the complexities of war a little better because of him. 


Kanki is disinterested in the whole fight and he watches on from a distance. Lord Ko Haku’s general informs him that Ryuhaku never reached Kanki. The remnants of Kochou’s army fade away. Lord Shun Su Jui asks Ko Haku to retreat as that’s the only viable option. He leaves promising that he would kill both Ousen and Kanki, no matter the cost.

The Ousen soldiers have taken Atsuyo, but at a great cost and consequently, there is no smile on their faces. Shun Su Jui escapes through a secret route to Lord Riboku. 

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 709

Kingdom Chapter 709

Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans are here and it promises a lot of action! Shin, Mouten, Ousen, and Denrimi are discussing whether to leave the Ousen army behind or move forward. You can read all about the raw scans in this article where we discuss how Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans reveal the Ousen army’s dilemma!

we speculate that there might be a grand comeback by the Zhao army as Kanki is treating this battle in a very lackadaisical manner. 

Shun Su Jui might return with Riboku and turn the tides of the war. Meanwhile, Kohaku and his army have escaped and it would be interesting to see where they end up. We must also be prepared for a meeting between Ri Shin and Mouten. 

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Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 709

Kingdom Chapter 709 will be released in the third week of February 2022.

Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.


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