Stars of Death Note Reunite For Live-Action Film of Noise Manga

Noise Manga Live Adaptation

Warner Bros Japan recently announced its plans to produce a live-action film adaption of Tetsuya Tsutsui’s Noise manga. This will be getting a big release in the year 2022.

The Cast of Noise Manga

The film will have Ken’ichi Matsuyama and Keita Fujiwara playing the roles of Jun Tanabe and Keita Izumi. The two actors have also worked together in the live-action films of Death Note.

Ryuichi Hiroki directed the movie and the script will be written by Sho Kataoka. The music for this film would be composed by Yoshihide Otomo, who’s a multi-instrumentalist and leader of Ground Zero.

Noise Manga Live Adaptation
Cast and New Characters

The filming for this project took place last year which lasted from the month of October to November.

The Plot of Noise Manga

The Manga, under the suspense genre, is set in a rural hunting town. Factors like aging and migration over many years have led to a  shrinking population.

The manga gained attention for its horror background, eerie air, and character details. It explores the depths and complexities of its characters.

The manga gained immense popularity and fans have been waiting for it to come on the big screen for a while.

Everything changes when the town starts producing a particular plant called “Black Fig”. This brings prosperity to the town. The story unfolds when Keita Izumi, the caretaker of a black Fig plantation, meets a man that seems very suspicious.

Noise Manga Live Adaptation


The manga Noise was launched by Tetsuya Tsutsui in December 2017 in Grand Jump. It ended in January 2020. Shueisha compiled and published the third and final volume in March 2020.

Tetsuya is also known for another notable work of his, called the Prophecy. The Prophecy (Yokokuhan) was launched by Tsutsui in Shueisha’s Jump X magazine in 2011. It came to an end in August of 2013. The three verticals studio published three volumes of this manga. 

A spin-off manga of the original was launched by Fumio Obata titled Yokokuhan: The Copycat in Jump X in 2014 April. It came to an end in 2015.



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