TFATWS: The Third Episode Sets Up Wakanda For Phase 4

Black Panther 2 Setting the Stage for MCU Future

The third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was far from boring. It brought in Wakanda, Zemo’s worth a lot more within the 50 minutes run time.

Marvel Spectacle

TFATWS is kicking every other show’s butt and is topping every record set by previous Marvel shows.

WandaVision did give us a view of things after the blip, but it mostly stuck within the small town of West View in New Jersey. But, TFATWS is going all over the world, even to Marvel’s notorious Madripoor.

With a lot more to tell and only three episodes left, TFATWS is gearing up to bring us the show’s actual villain.


Multi Villain Show?

WandaVision took a sudden turn of events and showed us that the heroes might be the villain after all. And we also got two other villains other than that.

According to TFATWS writer Malcolm Spellman, there will be many villains in the show, and all of them will have their own point of view and think they are right in their own way.

As we already saw, Karli is kinda psychotic, and so is John Walker. They have started to show symptoms of craziness already.


But we never thought that Falcon and Bucky would have to defend themselves from Wakandans too.

Wakandans In The Show

The third episode ended with Bucky going for a walk which actually turned out to be Ayo, who is second in command to Okoye.

We see her at first in Civil War, where she is the one who says the infamous dialogue, “Move or you will be moved.”

Obviously, as expected, she has an eye on Zemo, and these two bozos have been running around with him, so she has actually tracked them to this place.


Opening Wakanda To New Possibilities

Up until Civil War, not many knew about Wakanda. Even though it was opened, it will be hard to include it suddenly in the middle without any context.

Now by moving Zemo out and running around with him, TFATWS has actually brought Wakanda into the fold, and this will be easier for Marvel to set up the upcoming Disney Plus show and the movie.

We have no idea how this conversation between Bucky and Ayo goes. Let’s hope it goes smoothly, though. Since they may need to be quiet otherwise, they will get caught again for treason.


This time they don’t have a Thanos waiting for them to fight and redeem themselves so, they better not get caught.


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