Iron Man Arc Reactor: Secrets That Marvel Did Not Reveal To Us


Marvel Cinematic Universe has always inspired all its fans to imagine all the unseen possibilities in their movies. This makes their movies a blockbuster. Marvel always tries to introduce new things in their movies, which keep the fans interested and curious to watch. One of the major elements in Marvel movies is the highly advanced and futuristic technology that is portrayed. In the technology too, the most fascinating thing the highly advanced superhero suites, whether it be the nanotech suit of Iron Man and Black Panther or the Ant-Man suit. These costumes are just awesome. So lets today discuss the superhero suit of the most favorite Avenger i.e. IRON MAN

How is the suit powered?


As seen in Iron Man 2008, Tony Stark makes a working miniature arc reactor which is a source of clean energy, not free energy (Most people co-relate these two very different terms). This miniature arc reactor along with time also goes under various different transformations. Now we know that the Arc Reactor powers the suit, but what is an arc reactor? It is a device that produces electricity in form of a circular loop according to the images of the device we saw in movies. Now, this miniature reactor uses palladium and afterward Baddasium (a new element discovered by Tony in Iron Man 2) as its fuel. And we know that some of the palladium is actually radio-active, which tells us that this could be really possible with the help of technology in the future.

Why the suit needs to be charged despite having an arc reactor:-

Art by: Kevin Lei

As we discussed how the arc reactor uses palladium or Baddasium as fuel, one or the other time the fuel will end or reduce that the required amount which is actually required. This is the reason why the suit needs to be charged so that the charge on the reactor stabilizes and it can work for a longer duration than it would have.


Also, the other reason is the suit is fully packed with lots and lots of defensive and attacking weapons, sensors, cameras, and most importantly Tony’s Virtual Assistant. This all equipment needs a lot more energy than the energy which is produced by the arc reactor. So it needs to be charged.

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