Black Panther 2: Finally, News on New Casting and Updates

Every Marvel movie slated for the phase 4 release has so many sprawling theories and updates and news and set images and what actors are up to with their training, except for Black Panther 2.

Time to move on?

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

Black Panther 2 news has been scarce to none on that front. With the sad demise of Chadwick Boseman, it has been a very sour subject for many fans to spin theories and speculate plots. But, it’s time that we honor our dead king and do what he started in a way that will make him smile from above.

After some news from the executive VP of Marvel two weeks back, today THR reported that Black Panther 2 is moving on. Finally, fans get some information about the record-breaking Marvel movie’s sequel.

Shooting Begin next year!

According to THR, Black Panther is set to start shooting in July 2021 and follow up for more than six months in Atlanta. Currently, with a lot of movies and series in production for Marvel, GOTG, Ant-Man, and Black Panther 2 will begin shooting in the second part of 2021 when all the other current projects are either done or released.

With no more talks of Avengers 5 movie from Marvel, fans are sure every film will be filled with crossovers now since all of them have met and fought together to save the world.


New Cast Member

Tenoch Huerta plays Rafael in Narcos Mexico

THR also reported that Tenoch Huerta of Netflix’s ‘Narcos: Mexico’ fame would also be joining the cast of the Black Panther 2.

We heard it from the VP of Marvel herself that there won’t be any CGI work to be done to bring Chadwick Boseman to life in the movie. THR confirmed the news, but according to the insider, THR has, the role of Letitia Wright will be prominent in the film. Could this mean that she will be the next Black Panther?

Phase 4 Updates

Thor: Love and Thunder will start filming in January 2021. Kevin Feige has hired the Molyneux sisters to write for Deadpool 3.  There are many chances that Deadpool will make an appearance in any one of the phase 4 movies.

With 2020 being the only year marvel hasn’t released any movie since 2009, fans are in for a treat in 2021. Three big-time Marvel movies are slated for 2021 release, and at least three series are set to stream on Disney Plus next year and followed by four films in 2022.

This train of movies and series that are set to release back to back next year will not only be a treat for Marvel fans but will also be Disney’s boon.

2021, You are officially the year of Marvel!

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