Who was the real HITMAN? Madison or Gary?

Gary was a fake hitman who used to trick people who wanted to murder others with his help. In reality, he worked under a cop’s team. He solved over 50 cases and achieved victory in every case until he met Madison. He didn’t lose or win when it came to Madison.

Madison and Gary Meet

Madison had approved Gary to murder his husband, Roy, as his husband didn’t let her do it against his will, and she was feeling inferior in her married life. Gary understood her case and advised her to leave her husband right away. He didn’t take money from her and went without arresting her.

They met a few days later and started spending more time together. Soon, they were classified as a couple. In addition, Gary was solving a few cases side by side.

One day, when both returned from a club, they ran into Ray, Madison’s husband. Ray started shouting, saying she wanted Madison back, but Gary scared him away. The next day, Gary got a new case: none other than Ray.

Ray and Gary talked without being face-to-face. Ray explained that he wanted his wife and his new boyfriend dead. Gary showed his face at the end of the conversation and left from there. He told her about all this.

The next day, Ray’s dead body was found, and Gary was informed about this in the office. He rushed back to Madison’s place and got to know that she had killed Ray as she was scared that he might have killed her. Gary was shocked, which would be an understatement, but he couldn’t go against Madison as he had fallen for her till that time.

The Truth

The chief head called him into the office to tell him he had found a suspect, none other than Madison. Gary was asked to go to Madison’s house to inquire and to spit up the truth. When he entered her home, he showed some instructions on his phone about which the cops weren’t aware. He was generally supporting her.

He couldn’t speak anything besides work-related queries as a speaker was attached to his ears. She was proven guilty by the chief’s side, but Jasper knew about the couple’s secrets all this while.

Later that night, he came to Madison’s house and told her to follow his instructions to be saved. Gary reached there, too, and Jasper said the same thing to Gary. Madison was clever as she had put drugs in Jasper’s beer, but Gary had other plans as he knew he couldn’t be killed by the dose of drugs.

Gary wrapped a polybag around Jasper’s face when he passed out after having the beer. After a few minutes, he was dead.

In the end, Gary became the real hitman, killing someone for the first time because of his love for Madison.

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