The Saddest Death in Attack On Titan: Sasha Braus


Attack on Titan series has killed off many characters since its run, and it’s never ending. This time too, the creators have brought a truly unimaginable death of a character to the fans. It goes without saying that the fandom is mourning following the death of the memorable hero. 

Sasha Braus was gunned down in the most recent episode. And since then, Attack on Titan is trending on twitter because of this shocking death. Sasha has been on the show since the first season and her sweet personality has made her a favorite of many fans.

Fans are now blaming Eren for his irresponsible actions as it led to the death of one of the kindest characters on the show. How and why did this regretful event happen? Here are all the details that we would like to talk about.


How did Sasha Braus die?

Gabi, angered at the Paradis soldiers, decides to seek revenge. After the loss of her comrades, she was blinded by hatred. When the Scouts lowered their guard after their win, they didn’t notice Gabi and Falco sneaking through the open door. 

Conny embraced Sasha and Jean as they were relieved that they survived another combat again. Just then, Gabi shot Sasha through the chest from behind.

Why did Gabi Braun kill Sasha Braus?



It all happened after Eren launched an attack on Marley, and took the lives of many people. Because of this cruel attack, the Nation’s capital was completely in a poor state, and the Survey Corps further aggravated it. Gabi felt a bitter sense of vengeance after witnessing the death of her loved ones.


To restore justice, Gabi ended up pulling the trigger and killed Sasha. Her death has made fans very angry with Eren as they blame his thoughtless actions for her loss. It was later revealed that her tailing the airship that carried Eren was just a coincidence. This means that Sasha’s death could have been prevented. 

The preview for the next episode further made fans heartbroken, as Mikasa was shown crying inconsolably on Sasha’s grave. Make sure to catch the next episode on February 8, 2021 at 12:10am.


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