The Witcher: Will Jaskier Have A Big Role In The Second Season?


With the way the second season news is coming out, there are chances that Jaskier might play a small role in the season than the previous one.

A smaller role for Jaskier?

The Witcher’s first season had a lot of new things to tell, but it did so by keeping the focus on all three main characters and Jaskier.

Even though his screen time wasn’t as long as the other three, Jaskier had an impactful role in the first season, and needless to say, fans loved him.

With a lot going on and Jaskier pissed at Geralt, it doesn’t look like he will have a more significant role in this season.


Second season and its grandeur

No matter how you put it, the second season will be grand and will have a lot of characters coming in to play.

With the new casting information we got by the end of the season two shoot, we can expect many new things to happen.

We will see many iconic characters that fans love from the book and games come into play in the second season. We didn’t have what role Jaskier will have until this.

Jaskier and his funny self to return to The Witcher

The second season will have most of its scenes in Kaer Morhen and Oxenfurt. Frankly, we don’t know if Jaskier will be in any of it.

According to reports, it is said that Jaskier actor Joey Batey was on set only for the last few weeks, and that may indicate that he doesn’t have a significant role.

We know that he will return because he is the only one lightening the otherwise dark and psychotic series. But his role might be small.

Here’s how we Jaskier think he may be introduced though.

According to the books, Jaskier meets Nenneke, and she is not a big fan of him. In this season, we were told that we would get to meet Nenneke for the first time.

So, there are chances that Jaskier might come into play through that scene. Also, Lauren Hissrich in the BTS video mentions Jaskier equally with three main leads.

So, maybe he will play a more significant role, and maybe fans just caught him shooting in the last few weeks as he managed to keep the previous shoots a secret?

I mean, who can tell, right? Anyway, even though we feel like he had a more significant role in season 1, come to think of it, he didn’t. We also have no idea as to who will apologize first.


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