Is Yennefer in Witcher Good or Bad?


Yennefer started in the series as an insecure, rejected, and abandoned human who wanted nothing in the world other than to be recognized.

Powers Within

Then she found the powers within and found love, but that didn’t go well, as we already know, but that didn’t stop her; she went on to embrace her powers, transformed into what she thought made her “beautiful,” and then went on to take over the world by storm.

But things didn’t exactly go as she thought, and life as a mage wasn’t fulfilling enough for the powerful witch. We didn’t see her as bad in the series yet, but the video games have some scenes in which fans wish they killed Yennefer.



From disrespecting Vesemir and the Witcher School rules to destroying the sacred Garden and so much more trouble, Yennefer has caused. Even though we didn’t see all of that in the series yet, we knew from the first time we laid eyes on her that she is trouble.

Now, many might see that as a bad thing, but that’s what has helped fans connect with her more. People are tired of seeing leads in series being portrayed as a perfect human being; people like Yennefer connects well with the audience because everyone has their own demons and are not always perfect.

We are Humans, after all!


Even though we won’t go on a rampage as Yennefer does, we know we let our imaginations and thoughts run wild sometimes, which doesn’t make us the bad person.

Yeah, we did feel angry that Yennefer bolted on the first excuse she got at times, mainly when she found Geralt’s third wish was for her. But maybe that doesn’t make her wrong but just makes her insecure. When you live a long life, you are bound to pick up some stuff like these along the way.

If the Golden Dragon was right, then Geralt and Yennefer will not end up together, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t see them together. Obviously, Geralt, who doesn’t believe in all the destiny and stuff, there are chances that he tries to convince Yennefer of the same.

No idea what plans Lauren S Hissrich has. So, now finally, what do all these things make Yennefer look like? Good or bad? Well, frankly, she is neither good nor bad; she might be a powerful mage, but she is a human after all.



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