The Witcher: 10 Characters Who Aren’t Similar To The Books


If you are a fan of the Witcher series and have read the book or played the video games before watching the series, then you are bound to see some changes when the characters were brought to life by Netflix.

While most of them were similar to the ones we read or saw in the games, some had either difference in appearances or in their characters or the way they are portrayed, so here we present to you the ones which were noticeable and might’ve made you go, “Uh-uh, this is so not it.”

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of rivia (Henry Cavill)

This might be a thank you for not changing his looks and also not too accurate, but we will deal with its change. I mean, who would complain looking at Henry Cavill.

The books’ Witcher is actually monstrous and looks like a Grim Reaper about to slay you and take you to hell. That’s why the people in the books feared just looking at them and made sense with how the character was described in the book.

On the other hand, Henry Cavill looks like heaven, and people seeing him as an abomination make no sense to us. Video games have the same problem. But, it’s okay, we can accept this technical error!




Cahir, the worst nightmare of Princess Cirilla, has everything the same way it is written in the books, but the costume designers have omitted one thing alone.

His helmet, which is rather more extensive than the book description, is also seen missing the ‘Bird of Prey” in his helmet’s crest. Some even say that the character has a dramatic change in the series, so maybe there are chances that the show writers decided to omit it to match that.



Geralt’s friend and Queen Calanthe’s advisor dresses up as a royal advisor and walks around the palace as one. He is a Druid from Skellige, and they are known to dress up with leaves, covered with dirt, and wear bones.

Even though a royal advisor can’t dress like that, some complain that he should at least choose to have something which satisfies the fans. Maybe a bone tied to a rope, and he can wear it as a chain?




This Darker version of the fairy tale princess is played beautifully by Emma Appleton. According to the book fans, everything about her character, story, and acting was perfect, but it lacked one thing.

In the books, Renfri is a blond-haired princess with bluish-green eyes, which, when looked at, can fool anyone as an innocent nobody. Some suggest that keeping her as the same would’ve brought the contrast between her innocent looks and her shady moral character.




 Torque in the Sylvan Geralt and Bard come across on their journey, and this character is nothing like the book or the games.

The creature’s appearance takes us some time to get used to and would’ve been better if the artist had gotten more creative.




This is more of a plot hole than a difference in each adaptation. According to the Witcher Universe, only the Witchers and the Mage age slowly, so seeing Geralt and Yennefer the same way in the first episode till the last one was acceptable.

But Jaskier is shown as a human, and in the timelines covered in the first season, he should’ve aged. But he looks the same from the start till the last; maybe they will explain that?




Duny has the same problem as Geralt, they both look actually good, and technically we can’t understand why people hated them.

Duny’s curse was supposed to make people run from him, but he is not that ugly or unbearable to watch, so the creative team failed at that again.




Even though nothing left for him much to be king off, still Filavandrel lacked the royal look Ciri or even Renfri, had.

Not the Ciri while she was in the palace, the Ciri on the run had more of a unique royal look to her than Filavandrel.

Borch Three Jackdaws 


Also known as Villentretenmerth or the Golden Dragon came and made a myth into reality but, in the end, broke our hearts by saying Yennefer and Geralt will never be together.

But that’s not why he is on this list. According to the book, when he turns into a human, he looks like a roguish well-fed, retired knight. But the character in the show was old. Another miscast, that’s all.



The character in the witcher book is devilishly handsome and is a force to reckon with. The actor fits the first condition but lacks the attribute to send a chill down our spine with his power.

There are chances that Netflix has something else planned for him because, in the book, even his shadows breed chaos.

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