Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Release Date and Spoilers: Takeomi’s Past

Tokyo Revengers

While the Senju VS Terrano South battle continues, we get to explore the past of Takeomi and how he received the nickname God of War. Ultimately, that name and the resulting baggage led him to his downfall. Anyway, here’s everything you need to learn about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Release Date

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers chapter will be getting released on the 17th of November 2021. There will be no delays and you can find the latest chapters on the Mangamo website/app or Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Recap

The highlight of the previous chapter was theSenju and South got into a fight as Senju realised that the Dynamic Duo was being punished. Senju takes the initiative and proves that she is the BRAHMAN’s leader by knocking South out.

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Takeomi was first opposed to the notion, but he was pleased by Senju’s dominance over South. This will disclose Takeomi’s past and the First Generation Black Dragon, who formerly governed the country. 

Tokyo Revengers chapter 230

Takeomi, a former member of the Black Dragons, was the most dreaded vice-captain of his day, because of which he was dubbed “God of War” by his peers. His decision always determined the outcome of the brawl or conflict.  

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 titled Get Stuck-Up, we learn that Sano Shinichiro is a childhood buddy of Takeomi’s. Sano was unique in that he could draw anyone’s attention to himself. 

They climb steel bars one day, knowing that a single miss will result in death, yet they enjoy switching who spends the most time above. Such was their intense love for each other that they used to enjoy doing quirky things together. 

He never liked participating in acts of violence, which he tried to tell Takeomi. Takeomi notices that Sano is different and thus he earns the unflattering nickname “The Weak King”. 


Tokyo Revengers chapter 230

He was a man who was constantly bruised as a result of his beatings. Sano, on the other hand, was unconcerned about it because it meant nothing to him. Sano piqued the curiosity of Benkei and Waka, who faithfully remained by his side at all times. 

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They got together one day and discussed starting a gang. Takeomi will be their vice-captain, Sano discloses. Takeomi’s arrogance grew as a result of the moniker God of War. Takeomi’s wallets were never free of money, but everything evaporated after five years, leaving him with debts. 

When his life was in danger and he was going through a rough patch, he learned that Shin had died as he was fighting to make ends meet. Senju, his sister, helped him in his times of need and assured him she would take on Tokyo Manji Gang’s formidable Mikey.

Anyway, it seems like we’ll get a better peek into the current explosive battle between Senju and South as they seek to increase their political clout.

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