Vinland Saga Season 2 Updates Have Arrived!

The year 2019 was a fruitful one for the anime community. We were introduced to new shows like Demon Slayer and Demon Slayer while providing us with satisfying sequels of already established shows such as Mob Psycho and Attack on Titan. Amidst all the noise of these hyped shows there was one show which grew a cult following and provided quality episodes every week

Vinland Saga got us hooked and didn’t let us go. With compelling characters, interesting motives and the aspect of historical fiction backing it, it was easily one of the best if not, the best anime that came out in 2019.

Ever since the last episode aired in 2019, people have been clamouring for a second season . Finally after two years we will be getting a follow up to Thorfinn’s story. Read more to learn about Vinland Saga Season 2

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Season 2 updates:

As far as  Season 2 is concerned, we have received limited information. Only a few official art pieces have been released showing old as well as new characters. One would even mistaken Thorfinn as a new character since he is now sporting facial hair. He also looks much calmer with his iconic golden hair being much longer now.



The upcoming season 2 will be adapting the Farmland Arc from the manga. Many manga readers have proclaimed that it is the best part of the manga. It has minimal action and it leans more towards the introspective and philosophical aspect. This may turn off many viewers who are expecting action packed episodes. Not saying that there won’t be any action but do not be surprised if some episodes do not contain raised fists.


Studio Change:

Recent news have revealed to us that the responsibility of animating the series has been shifted from Wit Studio to MAPPA.  Although the studios are changing, there will still be some staff members from the first season who will be returning for the sequel.

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