WandaVision: Episode 7’s Unanswered Questions That Are Messing With Our Heads


Episode 7 of WandaVision was the treat that we have been waiting for all this time. Finally, Marvel decided to grace us with answers to one of the most asked questions.

Now, if you haven’t watched the episode, then please be warned. This article contains a lot of spoilers and might actually spoil the fun if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Go, run. Watch the episode and then read it to confirm what we saw.

How did Wanda miss this?

Now Billy has Wanda’s powers in the series. He felt something was wrong when he was alone with Agnes.

He is younger and less experienced than Wanda and still was able to look into Agnes’s mind and found it too quiet.

How did someone as powerful as Wanda miss that?

Pietro Maximoff


Suddenly Pietro’s character is missing, and all of a sudden, without any reason whatsoever, every character thinks he is an imposter.

Until then, even Darcy thought it was just a recast and didn’t know of him as an imposter. What happened all of a sudden now that Wanda, Vision, and Darcy are definite that he was an imposter?

At least Vision and Darcy were confused. Wanda was sure it was him and was acting like her dead brother returned.

Somehow now Wanda thinks he was an imposter, and we have no idea how. Maybe Agnes took her spell, and Wanda remembered?

Who is Ralph?


Now from the first episode, we have been hearing about Agnes’ husband, Ralph. Was it just to add character to her role, or did it actually mean something?

Many fans suggest that it might just be a way of introducing Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the Devil.

Where are the Twins?


The twins go missing in Agatha Harkness’s basement, or that’s what we know as of now.

And when Wanda goes in to check it out, she sees stuff that doesn’t look like something that would be in the basement of a house in the suburbs.

If the twins are alive, we still have no idea if they will live outside the bubble. They might be the same as Vision, who couldn’t come out of the Hex.

Monica Rambeau


It is time that Captain Rambeau got her powers, and fans got to witness it for the first time.

Monica was able to withstand Wanda’s attack that only puts her in a higher league. Even though Wanda was not shooting at her with an intent to kill, that was a pretty intense shot.

Still, Monica’s powers are unknown, so she might just be joining the Avengers very soon.

Let’s just hope that she could help Wanda and Vision in taking down Agatha Harkness.

What is a Cataract?


What is Hayward up to, and what on earth is a Cataract?

Is Hayward working along with some other dark forces, and did Monica really mean it when she said that Hayward would burn the place to the ground to get what he wants.

Oh God, why does it seem like this episode answered many questions and gave us a lot more?

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