What Makes Black Widow The Most Mysterious Character In MCU?

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One of the most mysterious characters in the Avengers is Black Widow. We are still now unaware of her past and how she got connected to S.H.I.E.L.D. But soon when her solo movie comes out, we will get the full image of the past of the character. Black Widow has been a valuable part of the initial Avengers team. Her role has always added value, mystery, and thrill to the movies. There is a small difference between being strong and brave. She may not be the strongest but she is definitely the bravest of all the Avengers. At every step, she has given many sacrifices.

The Ultimate Sacrifice


We all saw the Avengers Endgame where we lost three of the main Avengers including Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow. But some of the fans out there in the world say that the role of Black Widow in the movie was not much beneficial. But to these, the answer is that if Black Widow would not have been there, the Infinity Gauntlet would not be completed to bring back the blipped population of the universe.

Black Widow to return


In the movie, when Hulk snapped using the new gauntlet, he tries to bring back Natasha back in which he fails. Now if even the power of Infinity stones all combined can’t bring the character back in the original timeline of MCU, it is now mostly certain that Black Widow might not return to the Avengers franchise. But now with the power of time traveling, Avengers could do anything which is not actually the case. It was explained by some of the Avengers and the Ancient One in Avengers Endgame that troubling the timeline can make the path for multiple alternative realities which is dangerous for everyone. So it is pretty much impossible for the bravest avenger to return.

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