Where Are The Young Avengers Right Now? When Could The Young Avengers Arrive?


Where Are The Young Avengers Right Now?

Marvel Studios has no shortage of new projects set for release within the Multiverse Saga, although there are still plenty of unconfirmed titles that are in need of release. One of the biggest of these titles is an eventual Young Avengers movie or Disney+ show, although the seeds have already been laid out for this team to assemble throughout Phase 4.

Wiccan and Speed

WandaVision introduced the MCU to its first two Young Avengers in Phase 4 with Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne’s Billy and Tommy Maximoff. For now, the only real versions of them that have been seen since are the ones in Earth-838 from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where their Wanda Maximoff kept them safe as they experienced more normal childhoods.

Wiccan and Speed

Both Klyne and Hilliard spoke about their visions for the Young Avengers exclusively with The Direct.

America Chavez

Doctor Strange 2 also left America Chavez at Kamar-Taj as she learned the way of the Mystic Arts from Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme Wong. Now that she’s settled on Earth-616, her Multiversal powers will grow as she evolves into a more vital hero.

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Where Are The Young Avengers Right Now? When Could The Young Avengers Arrive?


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced fans to Elijah Richardson’s Eli Bradley, who only played a small role in that series before he eventually becomes the Patriot. Richardson shared his excitement for the MCU’s future Young Avengers in an exclusive interview with The Direct, which would certainly lead to a much bigger role as he follows in his grandfather’s heroic footsteps.

Kid Loki

Episode 5 of Loki brought Jack Veal’s Kid Loki into play alongside dozens of other Loki Variants, and fortunately, he survived in the Void before the Multiverse fell into chaos.

Teoría de como Kid Loki mató a Thor

Kate Bishop

Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop took up her bow and arrow for the first time in Hawkeye, learning what it truly took to become a hero after spending the Christmas season under Clint Barton’s wing. Her ambition is almost second to none, and with Kate playing something of a leadership role in the comics for the Young Avengers, she could be in line for a similar role in the MCU.


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Cassie Lang

Next year, fans will see Kathryn Newton’s Cassie Lang embrace her own superhero journey for the first time in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as she and her father encounter Kang the Conqueror. With Kang’s own connections to the young group potentially being explored in this movie, it seems only right that Cassie will find her own inspiration to be a hero in her own right.

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When Could The Young Avengers Arrive?

Looking at Marvel Studios’ open slots in Phase 6, there is more than enough room for the Young Avengers to assemble for the first time in those two years. This could come in either a Disney+ show or potentially the open Winter 2025 slot in theaters ahead of Avengers 5 and Avengers 6, although a team this big would almost certainly garner a big-screen adventure should they come in Phase 6.

While no title for the team has been confirmed, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige teased more than a year ago that the pieces are certainly coming into place for this team to become a reality. MCU cast members who would likely be part of this team have also shared their own excitement for the idea, with all of them envisioning what the Young Avengers could add to the growing franchise.

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