Who Created The TVA? Fake Time-Keepers Create A Lot Of Confusion

From the beginning of the series, we knew that something was off about the Time-Keepers and Renslayer.

The three Space Lizards, who are mentioned to be very busy trying to maintain the Sacred Timeline, seemed a little off and stayed so much in the dark.

The methods used by the TVA also sparked controversy. They just prune everything and reset everything just to make sure only the chaos they allow should prevail.

Now comes the question, then, who the heck created the TVA?

Who Created the TVA?

We know that the three old fools sitting on that throne are fakes thanks to Sylvie’s precise throwing skills.

We also know from their previous conversation that the Space lizards, whoever they are, are scared of Loki.

One thing we can be certain of, and that is, whoever created TVA is scared of Loki and Sylvie and what they could do. But the variants weren’t scared at all.


In Episode 6 of Loki, it is revealed that ‘He Who Remains’ created the TVA. He created the TVA to maintain one single timeline and avoid branch timelines to emerge from it. ‘He Who Remains’ wants to avoid the total destruction of all multiverses and hence explains how he used TVA to maintain peace and order. There is still a lot that is unclear but one thing is for sure ‘He Who Remains’ created the TVA to maintain the one timeline which he thought was stable and sustainable.

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Is Sylvie Time-Keeper’s Daughter?

By the time Sylvie had fended off from TVA hunters and about to throw the prune stick on the Time-Keeper, one says that Sylvie is his daughter.

We don’t know if it is true. But, on the other hand, we know that nothing they have said until now is true, so this could also be the same.

It might’ve been the last chance for them to make sure they don’t kill them. But, wait, they are robots, why do they care about death.

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So, that makes us wonder who was controlling them. If someone was controlling them and they told this instead of the fake Time-Keepers, then it gives us two options.

One, they knew Sylvie would find out the truth about fake Time-Keepers and wanted to draw time and divert her or two, the person behind might actually have something to do with Sylvie.

What was Sylvie’s Nexus event?

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This was the reason why young Sylvie was brought in, and her life was utterly destroyed. So, whatever the Nexus event Renslayer had to bring her in, it might’ve been something big.

It is either that, or they just brought her in because she was the daughter of a Time-Keeper if they are even real or if there was some truth in what they said.

So, all our guesses right now are substantial.

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