Is TVA Created By Ultron? Who Controls the TVA?

Till now in Loki,

In the first episode, we see Loki stealing the space stone and creating a nexus event in the sacred timeline, and getting caught by the TVA. This was followed by the introduction of Sylvie the variant who was creating havoc in the sacred timeline. Morbius who was investigating the case takes the help of Loki and tries to catch Sylvie.

In the third episode, we see Sylvie and Loki joining hands. They both were stuck on a planet named Laminitis-1, which has less than 12 hours left before it meets its apocalypse. Episode 4, starts with a scene where the TVA is desperately trying to find and catch Sylvie and Loki. One can deduce from the episodes till now that Loki and Sylvie are the same beings from different timelines. They develop feelings for each other and that created a nexus event in the timeline and thus, the TVA arrived to catch them.

The TIme Keepers

The latest episode of Loki revolved around the fact that Ravonna Lexus Renslayer is trying to hide something, making it apparent she is not one of the good guys in the series. The episode established that all who work at the TVA were previously normal human beings who have wandered away from their timeline; or as the TVA likes to call them variants. We are also told about the greatest fear and pain of Loki’s life i.e Being alone.

Towards the end of the episode, Mobius finds out about Renslayer and how she had done away with Hunter C-20. He tries to escape the TVA with Loki but is caught by Renslayer and pruned.

The last episode also sees a fight where Loki and Sylvie fight the TVA agents in front of the TimeKeepers. Later in the fight, Loki too gets pruned by Renslayer. We soon find out that glorified Time Keepers are nothing but mindless androids opening up the question of who is behind all the TVA and all its operations. In the post-credit scene of the episode, we see Loki alive in someplace with three new characters.

One of the logical theories could be that Ultron is behind all of this. Which makes perfect sense too if you think about it. The properties described in the last episode of the TimeKeepers came out to be the furthest thing from our expectations.

They are androids, merely robots who were posing as the leaders of the TVA. To be operating on such a big scale and with such precision, there has to be some advanced technology in operation. Ultron is one of the best pieces of technology made by humans could be the one behind all of TVA.

Ultron from Age of Ultron

The theory is supported by the fact that TVA follows objective orders and nothing else. Such objective orders are only possible if the one running the whole operation is an artificial intelligence with no emotions.

The fourth episode of Loki left us with many questions. Are Loki and Mobius really dead? Find out what happens next in the 5th episode of Loki on Disney+


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