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Who Did Downey Say The F- Word To?


Robert Downey Jr. is never one to mince words when it comes to his “Avengers” castmates, especially Tom Holland. But there’s a new familiar face on Tony Stark’s chopping block, and as usual, the actor isn’t pulling any punches.

Appearing at the 35th Annual American Cinematheque Award show on Thursday, November 18, Downey offered his version of a “tribute” to fellow Avenger Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow as she was honored for her contributions to the film industry. The entire speech was captured on video by The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner.

“This is Hollywood. We f***ing live to congratulate ourselves,” Downey says at the start of his Johansson tribute, kicking off the speech with a hilarious rant on celebrity award shows and special events. “We did the midterm voter drive garbage, the Laura Dern birthday song, which isn’t even due until the week of February 10th. We knocked out the Alan Horn retirement message…and that bat mitzvah greeting for that traffic cop who gave me a pass when I was double-parked on La Brea. And as usual, 37 asks from Tom Holland, whose sole aim is to proliferate the industry like a f***ing lawn fungus. Who’s left?”

An award show employee quickly informs Downey that he’s supposed to pay tribute to Johannsson, who is cracking up on camera. “Put it up. Put it up on the godd**n prompter,” Downey says. “I don’t care. I have no preferences. I have no opinion, right? Let’s party. I live for this s**t.” What came next from the “Iron Man” star was even more comical.

Downey tells Scareltt ‘f*** you,’ goes after Colin Jost

After being asked to deliver his actual Scarlett Johansson tribute, Robert Downey Jr. appears as if he is speaking from the heart about his longtime co-star. But it’s later revealed that he’s been tricked by the teleprompter, all thanks to Johansson and her hubby Colin Jost, whom Downey goes after once he realizes what’s happening.

Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes

“Scarlett, congratulations. I mean, you’re so deserving of this award,” Downey begins. “You’ve overcome so many obstacles to make space for yourself and others in a sea of overt and sub-intentional misogyny, started by everything from studios, directors, and producers to one-man toxic flotillas like me. Take it from me, Robert Downey Jr., the shortest leading man since Don Adams in ‘Get Smart,’ who rivals Giuliani for least subtle use of Just For Men Touch Of Grey hair dye.” It’s at this moment that Johansson and Jost’s secret gag is revealed.

“How far did we get you to go?” Downey says, looking confused but continuing to read. “Robert, it’s Scarlett and Colin. We had two glasses of white wine on a weeknight and felt like clowning you.” Here’s where classic Downey comes in.

“Cut,” he says, jokingly looking angry off camera. “F*** you, Scarlett. Jost, I’m gonna punch you in the d**k.” The Marvel heavyweights have been working together since 2010’s “Iron Man 2,” in which Johannsson made her MCU debut. So it’s no surprise to see the two goofing off together. Johansson’s latest Marvel flick, “Black Widow,” is currently streaming on Disney+.


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