Who Is Flying In The Post-Credit Scene Of WandaVision? Updated Scene Has Fans Speculating

Who Is Flying In The Post-Credit Scene Of WandaVision? New Scene Has Fans Speculating

Fans are going crazy over the new post-credit scene of WandaVision, and we are here to give you our five cents about it.

Doctor Strange was indeed in the post-credit scene of WandaVision that isn’t up to discussion. We saw him walk the stairs of his New York Sanctorum so, that’s Doctor Strange, alright.

Who Is Flying In The Post-Credit Scene Of WandaVision? New Scene Has Fans Speculating
WandaVision Finale

Why are fans fighting over WandaVision post-credit scene?

Well, it’s more of passionately discussing who is right. Anyway, the new post-credits scene that has been updated for the finale of WandaVision has fans in a knot.

In the new clip, fans have spotted a translucent silhouette of a flying person moving towards Wanda in the cabin in the snowy hills. While some think it might be Doctor Strange, some believe it is someone else, and the war has been going on for a while.

What or who is visiting Wanda in the mountains?

It is hard to put our finger around it, but it definitely looks like someone or something is visiting Wanda. Some fans think it is just Doctor Strange in his Astral form, while others think it’s someone else.

To be frank, it can be anyone, it can be how the Multiverse of Madness plot begins. Also, don’t forget, Scarlet Witch is right now conjuring and learning everything there is from the Darkhold, and that book has never gotten anyone anything good.

Wanda reading the book and using it might’ve attracted some unwanted attention towards the Earth. Even if the TVA manages to stop every branch caused by Sylvie from crossing the red line, we for sure know there will be consequences.

We would see the consequences in Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. So, as of now, we know that there is something or someone visiting Wanda. Let’s just hope it is someone good.

Because we know that Strange will have his hands full even without Wanda interfering, if she pops in and goes to the opposite side, Strange might just say, what the heck and go back home.

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