Who is The Real Gopuri in Café Minamdang?

Who Is Gopuri?

While we are sure no matter what we think, there is a surety of having a big twist in the last two episodes of Café Minamdang with the actual Gopuri reveal.

While the 9th episode of Café Minamdang is immersed in finding the killer of Kang Eun-Hye, this looks like a big stepping stone to finding Gopuri, according to Mr. Nam Han-Jun.

Well, like always, the episode is mixed with a good balance of comedy and theatrics from our Minamdang gang while the police team is fed up about letting their latest link to the case go.

Is Prosecutor Cha Gopuri?

Prosecutor Cha
Prosecutor Cha

Well, does seem nice and obsessively good in the front, but one thing we have learned from murder mysteries is never underestimating the power of masked goody two shoes.


He does seem fishy in some angles, but right now, we have too little to go with to confirm it is him.

Is Gopuri a woman?

Who is Oracle In Cafe Minamdang?

While the last two episodes shed new light on Gopuri might be a women theory, Kang Eun-Hye’s case had a lady at the upfront, and we also saw her getting her secretary to take out Nam Han-Jun.

One thing that got our attention was when her secretary mentioned Han Jun is the cop from 3 years ago.


Is Gu Tae-Su Gopuri?


While he did seem wicked, he is too much of a person of low caliber to execute such intricately perfect murders for years.

While the plot of getting the conclusion that Gopuri is a woman gets thicker with even Han Jun asking our latest criminal friend, Jeon Gyeong-Cheol, “Who is that devil of a woman next to Gu Tae-Su?”

While we know our shaman is just a really good profiler and does not really have the power to assess spirits, something in us says he has never gotten his predictions wrong, so let’s wait and see.



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