Whose Butt Does Tom Hiddleston Think Is The Best In The Avengers Cast?


Looking back and recollecting his memories with his Avengers co-stars, Hiddleston has yet again shared valuable information. As the actor’s career of acting as Loki, the God of Mischief, he also has many insights about the character, his co-stars, and the MCU as a whole. One of those has to do with butts! Tom Hiddleston butt? This is about who has the best butt in the whole Avengers cast.

If you keep questioning Tom Hiddleston butt? Him noticing butts of all things? We understand. It’s definitely a peculiar thing to notice while he was filming. But Hiddleston could give a straight-up quick answer without even thinking twice about it when he was asked the question. Apparently, there have been some butt goals in the cinematic universe that we are yet to know of.

Tom Hiddleston Butt On Avengers Cast

In an interview that dated way back to the 2012s (oh, the great times), Hiddleston was randomly asked about his co-stars’ butts. Now, we all know actors like Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow have amazing figures. We’re aware of how they look in their costumes and suits on screen. But who exactly did the Loki actor choose?





In 2012, Hiddleston went on an interview with Mark Hoppus from Fuse. in the course of the interaction, Hoppus asked him, “So Tom if you had to choose the best butt in the movie, would it be Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Chris Evans?”. While the question itself may pose itself to be quite shocking, the answer to the question caught our attention more.

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Responding to the question, the Loki actor said that his choice would obviously be Chris Evans for sure, much to everyone’s surprise. His answer was an immediate one too.


In the exact words of Tom Hiddleston, his response was, “Oh, Chris Evans, by a mile”. Hiddleston continued by adding, “The guy is like, rocking it for spandex, and like, I expect spandex sales to go through the roof up to his a**.”

So there it goes fellas, we now know who Hiddleston thinks has the best butt out of all the Avengers cast.

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