Why Does Thor Have a Loki Tattoo?

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

In the new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, fans are treated to a hilarious Easter egg featuring everyone’s favorite God of Mischief.

The moment in question happens while Chris Hemsworth’s Thor seems to be standing trial in front of Zeus.

Zeus decides he wants to see who Thor is under that blue robe, so he flicks away the coverings. However, he flicks a little too hard, leaving Hemsworth butt-ass naked.

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Thor, Love and Thunder, Zeus

Even more hilarious, the imagery hiding on Thor’s back is the true kicker.

Thor, Love and Thunder, Zeus

Dead center, and taking up most of the real estate on Thor’s back, a tattoo of horns belonging to his late brother Loki can be seen.

A joke like this fits perfectly into director Taika Watiti’s comedic style. It is a quintessential example of the type of humor audiences are no doubt hoping for in this new outing.

With him not having it on his back during Endgame, he would have had to have gotten it afterward. Maybe one of the Guardians of the Galaxy convinced him to do it. Or, maybe one of the misfits did it themselves. Rocket seems the most likely to do such a thing, but Drax does have a lot of ink on himself, so he’s a possibility as well.


But the real question is: if he went so big on his back, why leave his very well-defined chest (and various front areas) a blank canvas? That said, however, hopefully, nobody else needs mourning via tattoo by the end of the film—something which seems unlikely with someone named Gorr the God Butcher cruising around.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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