Will Oxenfurt Play A Big Role In The Witcher Season 2?

With Netflix about to announce some major news regarding the Witcher season 2 through Geeked Week event, fans have started to wonder what the season’s plot will be to the very minute detail.

Will Philippa Eilhart make an appearance?

Yes, we will finally get to see one of the most powerful and crooked sorcerers on the continent, Philippa Eilhart.

British actress Cassie Clare will play the powerful mage and will help in bringing the spectacular character to life. It will be a treat to watch her character take on everyone with her written moral code like Geralt’s.


The Oxenfurt Connection Getting Clear?

We heard that an extensive set was being constructed for a while back in 2020 and early 2021, which is Oxenfurt.

And given that Philippa, Rience, and other side characters available in Oxenfurt have been cast, we know that Oxenfurt will play a significant role.

We also heard that Geralt would be visiting there. The epic fight in the books between Geralt and Rience, Michelet Brothers, happens right there.

The fight comes to an end after the intervention of Philippa Eilhart, who betrays Geralt.


Who Is Phillippa, and What Will Her Role be?

According to the Witcher book and the games, she takes up sides based on her personal gain. We still have no idea how big a role she will be having in the second season.

She is also the known partner in the crime of Sigismund Dijkstra, the head of the Redanian Secret Service.

Geralt, according to some reports, has already met him. But, there are more chances of them running into each other again because Geralt goes to Oxenfurt to enquire about some things related to Ciri.

Dijkstra is based in Oxenfurt, and that’s how he might run into Geralt once again, but we don’t know how exactly the show writers are spinning these characters.

How Big Will Philippa’s Impact Be In the Second Season?

Geralt meets Ciri

Until a few months back, we had no idea if Philippa Eilhart would be making her appearance. Some fans even thought that the historical fight between Geralt and Rience would end without her.

But now that we have confirmed reports that actress Cassie Claire will be playing the powerful mage, we will see the epic fight between Geralt and Rience and others in all its glory.

This character is one of the known gay/bisexual characters in The Witcher universe and has been one of the most expected ones by fans.

We have no idea if she will have a more significant role in the show or just appear in the end scene during the fight. We wish we see her more because we know there will be drama.

Also, according to our bard Jaskier, she is around 300 years old, so she will have many stories to tell; let’s wait and see when she chooses to tell us that.

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