The Witcher Season 2: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Philippa Eilhart


If you know who Philippa Eilhart is, you know that Geralt is mighty pissed with her, and the reason for it will be covered in the second season of The Witcher.

The Wicked & The Crooked

Philippa Eilhart is someone book fans and game fans are familiar with. The show fans are about to be introduced to her and her wickedness in the second season.

We are finally being introduced to the scene where she pissed of Geralt in a mighty way. Since she is in the show, we will try to avoid giving you spoilers and try giving you just a background run.

To put it simply, she is greedy, wicked, crooked, and mighty powerful.

The Most Wanted

Philippa is one of the most powerful mages you will ever see. Even with her blindness, nothing stopped her from being ambitious.


She is crooked and greedy, but her stances and everything usually has a moral code. Like Geralt, she, too, has a moral code of her own.

While it is definitely far from pleasant meeting her, so was meeting Yennefer, so fans will love her, to be frank.

Who Are Her Allies?

Philippa’s allies lie on the side of her interests. She has been on many occasions on Geralt’s side but has also crossed the line and jumped to the other, pissing him off.

Geralt in the books is actually quite tired of Philippa and her tricks, but he knows that she has a heart somewhere deep inside.

Geralt has seen it all with her, from helping Rience escape to many more of such last-minute betrayal.

But many say that Geralt hasn’t directly come face to face with her yet. But he has been troubled a lot by her, though.

Politically Strong Mage


Redania is after her trying to kill her. Well, many are after her mainly because she is ruthless when she sets her mind on something.

It is believed that she was the one that killed King Vizimir, in whose court she served as the mage.

She was also not born blind but was blinded by a guy with a spoon. There are rumors that she had a romantic tryst with Triss Merigold.

Anyway, she is the one that helped destroy the Brotherhood of Sorcerers once they found that it has been compromised. She is also the founder of Lodge of Sorceresses.

She is good, she is bad, and most of the time, she has her own rules, wait till you see her in action; she is one of the few mages who could polymorph.

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