Wonder Woman 1984 to Release on HBO Max


There is nothing we can do when it comes to nature controlling our fate. Coronavirus has disrupted everything, and all we can do is sit and wait for it to leave the planet altogether.

Santa Claus has other plans

Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed so often, and the final date was fixed to December 25, 2020. Even the film’s director Patty Jenkins took it to Twitter to share her happiness with the fans when the date was set on Christmas day.

According to Variety, who got their news from Deadline, it is not entirely sure that Wonder Woman will release in theatres. Some sources claim that the movie will release on December 25, 2020, and release on its streaming platform, HBO Max, in 2021.

HBO Max has a lot on its plate


While that’s not the only news that’s going around, there is news that says that the movie will hit the theatres and the streaming platform on the same date. HBO Max already has a lot on cards to attract subscribers. Namely, FRIENDS reunion, Fresh Prince Reunion, and the Magma Carta, Snyder’s Cut.

Warner Bros might have to copy Disney

While releasing on the same date on both ways might help a little, it won’t be much use on the profit front. While Warner Bros already experienced what a movie would be like if it is released in the pandemic with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, there are more chances that they rethink releasing Wonder Woman 1984 in theatres on December 25, 2020.

Wise Choice?

Some sources also claim that the movie might be postponed altogether to July 2021. Now that the world is being hit with the second wave of Coronavirus, there is no way anyone will prefer risking their health and life to watch a movie. Even though Wonder Woman 1984 is a considerable movie, there are no way theatres will open just to try and release this one movie.

Copy the rival in this, maybe?


Marvel, the rival of DC, has postponed every movie under phase 4 to 2021 summer, and later, it would be better if DC also adopts that way. Even though there is some good news on the vaccines front, we don’t know if it will be available to every one that soon.

According to some recent updates, it is said that vaccines can be available from April 2021. Suppose that’s the case, then Warner Bros postponing the movie to July will be the right choice. Or else releasing it on HBO Max alone might also be a good option for them, but don’t know how the ardent fans will feel about it.

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