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5 Darkest Moments In Jujutsu Kaisen

Here is everything you need to know about the 5 darkest moments in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Kenjaku’s Plans For Mahito Were RevealedKenjaku's Plans For Mahito Were Revealed

Kenjaku fooled both the audience and the Disaster Cursed Spirits into believing he was truly aligned with them. In truth, they were the mere pawns that he was grooming. Perpetually in danger of being absorbed by his Cursed Spirit Manipulation if they showed any weakness.

When he was inches away from exorcism, he ran to Kenjaku for salvation and was instantly absorbed. In an instant, Mahito went from being possibly a series endgame villain to just another stepping stone Kenjaku abused in his quest to understand the secrets of jujutsu.

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Mahito Manipulated JunpeiMahito Manipulated Junpei

The cursed spirit manifested from the human fear of other humans. Mahito had even more disdain for humans than other cursed spirits. He loved to toy with humans, manipulating them in sick games for his own amusement. Finally, he kills them by transforming them into his drones known as Transfigured Humans.

Mahito led Junpei to believe he was an ally, befriending the student when he had no one else. Even used his own technique to teach Junpei jujutsu self-defense. The entire time, Mahito was preying on Junpei’s vulnerabilities. Junpei ended up dying in Mahito’s hands still believing he was an ally.

Maki Massacred The Zenin ClanMaki Massacred The Zenin Clan

Maki never hid the fact openly disparaged the Zenin clan, but her relationship with her twin was complicated. Mai realized Maki would never reach her full potential since jujutsu tenets regarded twins as one entity. She sacrificed her life to complete Maki’s Heavenly Restriction.

Maki immediately set to work once she realized what Mai had done. She methodically tore through the most accomplished sorcerers in the Zenin clan. Less than an hour after her sister passed, the entire Zenin clan had fallen to the one member it had tried the hardest to reject.

Toji Fushiguro Killed Riko AmanaiToji Fushiguro Killed Riko Amanai

As the Star Plasma Vessel, it was a given that Riko Amanai was going to die as soon as Gojo and Geto’s mission was over. She herself took pride in the fact that she was to become Tengen’s new vessel. Even with a bounty on her head and getting ambushed by curse users over and over.

Their excursions had exactly the effect on Riko that her protectors wished. When the time finally came for her to join with Tengen, Riko found that she didn’t actually want to die just yet. Riko’s broadest and most genuine smile was cut short by a bullet fired straight through her head by Toji Fushiguro.

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Sukuna’s Massacre At ShibuyaSukuna's Massacre At Shibuya

Sukuna’s malevolence cannot be overstated in Jujutsu Kaisen. The King of Curses seems to have no goals, immediate or long-term past causing as much carnage wherever he is. Fittingly, he has no regard for the safety of others while he battles and earned the series’ highest kill count.

Sukuna opened a barrier-less Domain that spanned over much of Shibuya. He activated both of his named Cursed Techniques over the area. It resulted in severe property damage and several innocent civilian deaths. Sukuna didn’t care about those he killed and once his agenda was fulfilled sank back into Itadori.

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