Attack On Titan’s Voice Actress Yui Ishikawa Got Married

Attack on Titan anime has been running for 8 years now while topping the charts and breaking many records. Just recently, one of the show’s actresses delivered a happy message to the fans, which calls for a celebration. The announcement came straight from Yui Ishikawa’s Twitter account

What did Yui Ishikawa tweet?

Yui Ishikawa who voices the character, Mikasa Ackerman, on the show announced that she got married. The actress also wrote on her account about her new role in life, and that she is celebrating her 32nd birthday happily with her husband. 

Voice Actress Yui Ishikawa

Ishikawa didn’t say much about her partner’s identity and life, but she confirmed that he is someone from outside the entertainment industry. This is quite common among voice actors in Japan to be very private about their personal lives, except in situations when the couple are from the industry. 

She has also tweeted that she will continue with her work, even after marriage. This was expected as the anime has not ended, and Mikasa’s character is still going strong in the storyline. 

Other roles Ishikawa has done in the past include Kemono Friends 2’s Kyururu, Violet Evergarden’s Violet Everegarden, and Smile Down the Runway’s Honoka tsumura. And some other shows are Pokemon, Cells at work, Eromanga Sensei, and many more. 

About Attack on Titan

Mikasa, Eren, Armin

The anime is an adaptation of a Japanese manga series of the same name by Hajime Isayama. This dark fantasy action anime has been so successful commercially as well as popularity-wise. 

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are attacked by gigantic humanoid beings called Titans. And it follows the adventures of Eren, Mikasa and Armin in this new alien world. The series first premiered on April 7, 2013, and has given us many seasons so far. The last season will hit our screens next year. 


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