5 Quotes From The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf That Caught Our Eye

The Witcher- Nightmare of the Wolf
  1. “So trade my debt to a master I hate with a debt to one that I love”

When young Vesemir receives two coins for his service in getting rid of a Mahr, he is determined to get out of his current life situation and earn more. He invites Illyana to leave with him where he could take care of her and run away from the fate of poverty. Vesemir puts his old life behind him and sets upon a path to become a Witcher.

The Witcher Vesemir

  1. “This is a test. Like all the others”

The young recruits, who are the possible future of the Witcher clan are put in a situation to test their survival skills. The children are in a swamp filled with brutal monsters and wild creatures. The only way out? surviving through all the nightmares the swamp has to offer.

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  1. “Tetra would want our heads most”

Following the revelation that the Witcher’s are creating new monsters, Tetra launches an attack on them with her army. Without the secrets of the mutagenic alchemy, this would be the end of the Witcher’s line.

  1. “Beautiful, it doesn’t seem…real”

Vesemir stabs Illyana when he believes she was Tetra due to a reality-like illusion. He takes her away from the Witcher’s fort and as she takes her last breath, he creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

  1. “This is the last time I allow any of you to ever hesitate”

Vesemir is now responsible for making the children Witcher’s and better men. He tracks them down and gives them a chance to be a part of the clan. The children hesitate but Vesemir convinces them that there are always going to be more monsters to fight against.

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