The Witcher’s Ciri Vs Arya Stark Of Game Of Thrones

To all the fans of Game of Thrones and the Witcher, before going on to fight about which one is superior, you might want to let Ciri get a chance to evolve as Arya Stark did.

Which one is better, Arya Stark or Ciri?

Well, to be frank, it is soon to judge Ciri on the basis of character evolution, but thanks to the books, we know she will be a formidable force.

One of the biggest pluses about Witcher is that we didn’t have to wait for seven seasons for the innocent kid of the family to go through forests and hills and everything to reunite.

Thank goodness, Ciri found Geralt before she was traumatized. Well, to be fair, she already saw enough with this limited time of her traveling, but Arya Stark was so long on the road we forgot that she was on her way home most of the time.

Ciri as Witcher

Who is stronger?

To be frank, there is no one as brave as Arya Stark. But when it comes to power, we know that Ciri will take over Arya Stark.

It’s not like Arya Stark is not powerful. She can swing the sword like no one can, but Ciri’s Elder blood and skills will put her on a league of her own.

Well, if Arya Stark was to meet Ciri now, she could take her out in seconds. But the Ciri we will see by the end of the second season is supposedly the one trained in magic by Yennefer and close combat by Geralt so, you know she could whoop anyone’s butt.

Who had it harder, Ciri or Arya Stark?

Well, to be frank, both the kids had to flee at a young age. Stark had to see her father be assassinated and had to see so many gruesome kinds of stuff and wait forever to meet her family.

Ciri, on the other hand, found Geralt soon, but we know how much she went through before she started running. Calanthe didn’t exactly give her a choice, and if we think deeper, we know that Ciri’s life is messed up.

Well, for a fact, so many bad ones are after her. They are not just bad, some possess the powers of the supernatural. And if we look into the books, we know that her dad is not actually dead, and he is one among the ones coming after her.

So, that’s just plain messed up. But to be fair, Stark has seen worse too. We can genuinely assess this only when the Witcher is over. But Ciri is already ranking near Arya Stark in this one based on just one season.

Ciri will take over the legacy left by Arya Stark even though it’s another universe. Ciri will not be the Lion Cub of pampered Cintra palace for longer, she will become the warrior and sorceress she is feared to be.

She will be making a lot of history with the powers she holds. So, yeah, it would be the birth of a new and powerful Arya Stark, and we are glad to know that we will get to witness it.





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