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6 Things Naruto manga Better Than Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the 6 things Naruto manga better than the anime.


One of the biggest problems that most fans have with respect to the anime series is its pacing. The unnecessary flashbacks reduce the intended pace of the story. It makes it easy for anyone to drop the series midway. However, since the manga is completely canon, the writing ensured that each panel had a lot happening.

Kishimoto’s art

Kishimoto’s slightly flawed writing might have affected both the characters and the overall plot of the Naruto series. However, one thing that he has absolute mastery over, is the art. The art style appeals to the average manga reader, with each panel being replete with information and details. Additionally, the fight scenes were well-illustrated and didn’t face issues like other Shonen manga series.

Narration of the storyNarration of the story

Another reason why Naruto fans must read the manga is simply because that is the medium in which the original creator intended to narrate the story. The anime was forced to take certain calls which altered some of the scenes. The storytelling in the manga is better since it retains the pacing, characters, and choice and order of events, in exactly the way Kishimoto had written it.

Characters are more fleshed outCharacters are more fleshed out

Fans of the series felt that some of the characters were more fleshed out in the manga series, as compared to their anime counterparts. This could be because Kishimoto drew the characters in a manner such that the expressions were clearer in the manga. Characters like Orochimaru were quite intimidating in the anime but seemed a tad bit more intimidating in the manga series.

The entirety of ShippudenThe entirety of Shippuden

There is no doubt that a lot of the fans have issues with Naruto Shippuden for obvious reasons. Shippuden had some of the best fights in the entire series, but it’s hard not to forget the sheer volume of episodes that were not fun to watch. While fillers can be made interesting, the fanbase certainly feels that the fillers in Shippuden are not up to standard. The series would have been fared better if Shippuden had received the right treatment.

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Fight scenes packed a punch and were dynamicFight scenes packed a punch and were dynamic

Some of the fight scenes in the Naruto series were very well-animated, like the Kakashi vs. Obito fight scene. However, there were very few fights that had the same level of animation. The manga version of the Might Guy vs. Madara fight was much better simply because the drawing in the manga panels was extremely dynamic. The animated counterpart seemed quite bland. A lot of fans pointed out that some of the fights in the animated series felt plain and static as opposed to the dynamic effect that the manga managed to produce.

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