Attack on Titan Episode 81 Ends With Annie Leonhart Unhardening

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23: Annie Leonhart Awakens

Attack on Titan Episode 81 ended with the stellar re-introduction of fan-favorite Annie Leonhart.

The recent episode was a massive rollercoaster as we saw a lot of satisfying character developments of Kaya and Gabi as the two reconcile their differences. On a sad note, we saw some of our favorite characters like Commander Pixis and the rest of the military forces turn into Titans, which forced the Survey Corps members including Commander Shadis murder them.

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However, the major plot reveal of the episode was how the Founding Titan’s ability to unharden the walls of Paradis Island also had effects on Reiner. His armor had unhardened, meaning that he got injured from the falling wall debris.

This made him unable to walk properly despite his best wishes to stop Eren but at the same time, realizing the inevitability of destruction and the impossibility of stopping the worldwide genocide. Another major consequence of this unhardening was how even Annie Leonhart, who had retreated safely inside a titan crystal for years after going on a rampage killing numerous Survey Corps members in her search for Eren Yeager.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23: Annie Leonhart Awakens


Annie is soaked and weak as she is surrounded by shards of broken crystal. Annie’s eyes open for the first time in four years, and she starts coughing up liquid.

This re-introduction of a new character has important ramifications for the plot of the anime. What will her introduction mean for the series when the series is almost about to end? After all, her contribution is bound to be significant since Annie Leonhart is a proven strong character who can fight and defeat countless experienced soldiers.

What Will Happen In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23? What Will Happen To Annie Leonhart?

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In the preview of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23, we saw Annie getting beaten up by Hitch Dreyse. Despite being stronger than Hitch, she is getting blows from a mere Military regiment soldier probably from her exhausted state after being trapped inside the crystal for around 8 years.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23: Annie Leonhart Awakens

In the manga, Annie successfully escapes her captivity from within the cellar and hides in an adjacent chamber after a few period of recuperation. Annie attempts to kidnap Hitch as she enters the room

But given her frail state, she is easily defeated as Hitch mocks her. Annie displays her scar and threatens to morph if Hitch summons any more troops. Despite Annie’s poor health, Hitch concedes her demands and agrees to let her accompany her outside Stohess.



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