Attack On Titan Season 4: New Looks of All The Characters


The much-awaited season 4 of the hit anime series, Attack on Titan is gearing up for its release on the 7th of December 2020. While there is only one week left, MAPPA leaves no stone unturned to give the audience what they have been waiting for.

The final round of avenging

The fourth and final season of the hit anime series will start streaming this December, and as the people fight against the Titans to be left alone and in peace, we are definite to see a lot of death on both sides.

While some of the character’s deaths are most expected by fans, we can say that some blood will be shed from the good side too. MAPPA, the studio in charge of the fourth season, has done an exemplary job until now.


MAPPA satisfying the fans better than Wit


All it took for them to convince the fans that the series is in good hands was the trailer’s release. While Wit studio did a pretty decent job all this time, we didn’t know what we were missing on until MAPPA swooped in and did the final season.

If you already haven’t read about how creative and beautifully the censorship was handled by MAPPA on the fourth season, you should definitely read this one below:

New Character Design

The character design of MAPPA, needless to say, is excellent. All the characters have gotten a makeover, and let me point out to you that since it’s the final season and there will be lots of fights, the characters have all gotten a serious look and have lost their innocence.

Armin has gone from the innocent bowl-cut boy to a chiseled-face boy with a pulled back haircut with a few of his trademark fringes in the front. Sasha has also got a makeover by turning her auburn hair from a ponytail into an action girl haircut.

Connie finally lost his batman shaped haircut. Jean went from ‘too cool for school’ guy haircut to a serious guy with side bangs and a perfectly trimmed beard bordering his chiseled jaw. At the same time, Eren didn’t get much of a makeover than a more narrow jawline.

Reiner gets a beard, and his blond hair is grown out with some very tiny bangs looking up his forehead. Mikasa goes from the signature bob hairstyle to an action girl haircut just like Sasha.


Titans get a makeover too.

Armored Titan in Attack on Titan

Now the beasts, Armored Titan, not like he looked less terrifying earlier, now has been made more threatening with his teeth and his white hair all grown. Colossal Titan gets a facial bone structure modification. He has got tired-looking eyes with even more bone structure on his face than before.

With Eren’s Titan form too getting an upgrade, the significant change would be of the Cart Titan. He losses his picnic basket looking cart to a more modernized and metallic cart with a face gear.

Since the season takes after 4 to 5 years, there are some significant changes in the characters. We would have to see the series to understand more of the changes, as all we got now is the trailer, and we couldn’t get more info than this as of now.

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