Boruto Chapter 63 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 63

Boruto Chapter 63 is coming out soon and the recent developments of the series have got fans more and more excited. Boruto finds out that Kawaki has disappeared. Kawaki runs into Code outside the village. Boruto comes to the rescue of Kawaki.

Read on to find out more about the upcoming Chapter of Boruto; release date, spoilers, leaks.

Boruto Chapter 63 Release Date 

Boruto follows a monthly release schedule. The official English translation of Boruto Chapter 63 is expected to be released on 20th October 2021. However, the raw scans for the upcoming chapter will be released on 15th October 2021. The raw scan includes the physical copy of the chapter which is scanned to provide spoilers and leaks.

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Boruto Chapter 62 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter of Boruto.

Boruto enters the room and realizes that Kawaki has left a clone in his place. Kawaki asks Boruto not to disclose it and expose him. Boruto quickly informs the shinobi ninja, monitoring them from outside. However, the shinobi thinks Boruto is lying because he can sense both of their chakras in the room. 

Boruto Chapter 63

Boruto heads to the living room to inform his dad about Kawaki’s disappearance. He insists that the Kawaki in his room is a decoy. Naruto also realizes that it was indeed a clone. 


Meanwhile, Kawaki’s location is revealed to Code by Eida and he heads out to encounter him. Kawaki senses code nearing from behind him. Code is excited to meet Kawaki, and remarks that he has gained weight.

Back in the village, Boruto and Naruto discuss Kawaki’s ability to erase his chakra, something unheard of even by Lord Seventh. Even though  Boruto insists on following kawaki, Naruto still doubts his son and questions whether he and Kawaki were plotting something. However, when the duo enters the room, they find that Kawaki’s clone has vanished. 

Nishi returns and informs Lord Seventh that Kawaki’s chakra has disappeared. They all realize that Boruto was telling the truth and that they have been tricked. Amado tells Shikamaru that this must be Code’s doing. Naruto blames himself for letting Kawaki slip right under his nose.

Boruto volunteers to go after Kawaki since it looks like he is the only one that can sense his presence. Naruto forbids him and tells him that the adults would handle the situation. But Boruto is able to slip away and immediately starts tracking Kawaki down.


At the edge of the village, Kawaki attacks Code. However, Kawaki is quickly overpowered by Code. Kawaki admits that it was him who killed Isshiki.  He proposes to Code to kill him to exact his revenge and to spare Konoha. But Code laughs at his proposal. He is hell-bent on killing everyone involved in Isshiki’s death.

Boruto Chapter 63 Code

Kawaki learns that exacting revenge against Isshiki was just the beginning of a bigger plan. His ultimate objective was actually to cultivate a divine tree and procure its chakra fruit. As Code is ready to leave with Kawaki, Boruto sweeps into the rescue.

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoiler

Unfortunately, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter will be released only after the raw scans come out. Until then, here are some fan theories and predictions for Boruto Chapter 63!


Kawaki ventured out of the village alone in the hopes that the lives of the villagers would be spared in exchange for his life. However, things do not turn out as planned and Kawaki is beaten down by Code. 

Luckily for him, Boruto is there to help him. He realizes that his friend is being stupid and goes after him. He makes it right in time to save him from a pinch. Now the two need to hold on till more help arrives from the village. Whether their combined effort will manage to do anything against Code will be revealed when the raw scans of Boruto Chapter 63 are released.

Another development to focus on is Code’s plan to cultivate a divine tree. If he succeeds, it will spell doom as the tree will suck out all the chakra on earth causing a planetary genocide. 

Boruto Chapter 63 Konoha


Boruto Chapter 63 will see the Konoha shinobi confront a hard truth and realize that Code must be stopped as soon as possible!

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Where to Read Boruto 

You can read the official version of Boruto from Viz Media, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump app.

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