Best Attack On Titan Villains

Here is everything you need to know about the best Attack On Titan villains.

Dina FritzDina Fritz

Dina Fritz was Grisha Yeager’s first partner and Zeke’s mother. Once a member of the Eldian insurrectionists, she was detained and transformed into a pure titan. Despite seeming like a generic threat, Dina had significant ramifications for the series.

Not only was she Eren’s catalyst for taking matters into his own hands, but her royal blood also helped him use the power of the Founding Titan for the first time. In the end, Dina was devoured by other Titans when rescuing Eren from the fleeing Marleyan warriors.

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Annie LeonhartAnnie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart was the first shifter to reveal herself as arguably the cruelest person in the Warrior program. She toyed with the Scouts, killing them in some of the most brutally depraved ways of the entire series.

Despite carrying herself as a distant and calculating tactician, Annie had a suppressed desire to be accepted. This was seen both through her relationship with Armin and how she reciprocated her adopted father’s affection when the Rumbling finally subsided and he was among the survivors.

Eren YeagerEren Yeager

Eren Yeager began as the series’ protagonist and progressively became more evil over time. His insistence on protecting his friends became so drastic that he was even willing to wipe out the rest of the world on their behalf. While Eren started off the final arc as a strong villain, his motives became increasingly convoluted.

He simultaneously wanted to wipe out the rest of the world and hoped that by his friends stopping him, Eldians would look better on an international scale. Similarly, he did not take away enemy shifters’ abilities to respect their “freedom” though was more than willing to transform Indians under Marleyan internment.

Kenny AckermanKenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman was Levi’s uncle and an enforcer for the Military Police. His philosophy of clinging to one’s passions for a brief time in the world was surprisingly optimistic given the anime’s overall tones. It’s especially unusual when considering Kenny’s antagonistic role and sadistic personality.

All the same, Kenny was one of the few important characters in the entire series to be unapologetically self-interested. He wasn’t a complete monster, however, as seen when refraining from using the pure titan syringe to extend his life.

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Zeke YeagerZeke Yeager

Somehow, Zeke Yeager always managed to stay on the wrong side of history whether as a Marleyan Warrior or Eldian spy. His plan to euthanize his race was nothing short of barbaric and reflected his darkly nihilistic mindset. Moreover, Zeke was responsible for the deaths of nearly the entire Scout regiment, including Erwin Smith.

He also betrayed the Eldian Insurrectionists to the Marleyan government, which caused unprecedented disaster for both the rebels and Paradis. Morally reprehensible and physically unmatched, Zeke’s consistently evil outlook made him an entertaining villain that fans loved to hate.

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