Kissing Booth 3 : Is This The End Of Netflix’s Beloved Rom-Com?

The end of the 4 year franchise of The Kissing Booth

As fans celebrate the release of the much-awaited “Kissing Booth 3” starring Joey King, Taylor Zakhar, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney, the most commonly asked question is, is this the end?

Yes. The Kissing Booth 3 is directed and co-written by Vince Marcello is the end of the four-year franchise that began in 2018. Fans are elated with the release of “The Kissing Booth 3” on 11 August 2021 but are also disheartened to know that this would be the last time the cast comes together on screen.

The Kissing Booth was released on Netflix and has been the talk of the industry ever since. The movie takes the audience on a trip down memory lane and tries to portrays a heartfelt ending.

Amidst all the drama following Elle’s decision about picking a school, fun flash mobs, brain freeze, and sandcastle building competitions add to the entertainment.

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The movie focuses on the aspect of ” loving each other isn’t always enough” following Noah and Elle’s breakup leaving the fans wondering what’s in store for both of these characters.

The movie brings in emotions of Love, happiness, jealousy, family and paints a picture of strong friendships and bonds. The end, like any other rom-com, brings out a smile on the face of the audience as it concludes with a happily ever after but with a twist.

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