Bleach: All About Retsu Unohana’s Zanpakutou

Retsu Unohana, the first Kenpachi

Retsu Unohana’s character has always been kept in the dark. She’s never participated in battles; rather, she has always been on the sidelines, healing wounded Shinigami. 


However, in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc of the Bleach manga, a totally different side to her character was revealed. She’s revealed to be the first Captain to wield the title of Kenpachi and has an interesting history with the present Kenpachi. 


Though there were subtle hints that she was a scary personality, the revelation nevertheless shocked many Bleach fans to the core. Let’s try to get a look into Retsu Unohana’s fighting skills and how she wields her Zanpakutou, Minazuki. Fortunately, Minazuki’s Shikai and Bankai states have been revealed in the Bleach series. 


Retsu Unohana’s Shikai Release State

Though the release command of the Shikai state of Minazuki hasn’t been revealed, its manifestation has been shown. Minazuki takes the form of a giant, one-eyed manta-ray creature with the ability to fly in the air. Unohana has used this ability of hers to transport wounded Shinigami and heal them simultaneously.

Minazuki's Released Form
Minazuki’s Released Form

When injured people are placed inside the creature’s stomach, they get healed faster because of healing acids and ointments. These penetrate the wounded skin and heal the wounds at a fast rate. Apparently, this creature can carry up to 6 people at the same time. 


Bankai Release State

When Retsu Unohana releases her Bankai, her sword turns into a thick fluid of dark red hue which envelops her surroundings. When the fluid stops flowing, the remainder of her blade transforms into a petite Katana. 

Retsu Unohana Bankai
Retsu Unohana Releasing her Bankai

Though its length and size may be small, it’s strong enough to be used in combat against a Master Swordsman, Kenpachi Zaraki. This Bankai gives her immense strength and durability in battle. 


Also, it releases a very strong and potent acid, which can turn both Zaraki and her into Skeletons. For this to work, her blade (or acid) has to come into contact with his body. It was during her iconic battle with Kenpachi Zaraki that she released her Bankai and had a thrilling battle. 


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