Blue Lock Chapter 146 Release Date and Spoilers: Aiku and Rin

Blue Lock

Fans are still yet to see the final outcome of the match between Blue Lock and Japan U-20. However, the heat’s picking up as only five minutes are left and Rin has snatched the ball away from his teammate. He’s about to score a goal after bypassing two defenders with his agility but he meets Aiku who’s very skilled at defense.

However, Rin is unable to score a goal, making Sae mock him over his mediocrity. What’s the future of Blue Lock and what will happen to Rin’s inflated ego? Only Blue Lock Chapter 146 will reveal more.

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Blue Lock Chapter 146 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on September 15, 2021.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 145 Recap

Here’s a concise description of what happened in the previous chapter:

  • Rin had to dribble past Aiku. The formidable defender stood between his desire to overcome his own past and to rebuild it with his own style of playing. A style that is filled with his passion and ego. 
  •  But Aiko proved to be a greater obstacle than Rin had anticipated. The seasoned defender had calculated and realized that the chances of stopping Rin were quite slim. 
  • Together with Shidou, Aiku charged head-on towards the ball. But to Aiku’s dismay, Isagi had managed to get behind them and created the perfect opening for Rin to give him the ball. 
  •  Aiku became tense as he realized the scary possibility that Blue lock would surely score a goal if Rin passed at that moment. However, Isagi was defeated by Rin who was immersed in his ego and rendered myopic.

Blue Lock

  • Aiku managed to predict that Rin would fake his shot However, Rin still managed to kick a fine shot that seemed like it’ll hit the back of the net with ease. Unfortunately for Rin, the ball rebounded off the woodwork and fell into the hands of Sae. 
  • The chapter ended with Sae telling Rin that he was mediocre as he was in the past and probably will be like that forever.

Blue Lock Chapter 146 Spoilers

We haven’t received any spoilers or leaks for the upcoming chapter. However, there are some speculations that we can make.

With the ball having passed to Japan U-20’s exceptionally talented midfielder Itoshi Sae, the hope of Blue Lock’s victory is getting slimmer. The match will probably end in an unspectacular draw.

Where To Read Blue Lock 

You can read it from the Kodansha US website.

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