Bleach; The 5 Weakest Sternritter Ranked By Battle Prowess

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In Bleach’s Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Yhwach and his Sternritters end up being the major antagonists in the series. Moreover, Ichigo and Soul Society are forced to fight them in order to save themselves.

However, among these villains, there are a few Sternritters who are more pushover than others.

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Here is the list of the weakest Sternritters ranked by their battle powers.


He would have been among the high-ranking Sternritters if he didn’t take things too lightly. Additionally, he is a genderless Sternritter who appears to be robotic in both body and mind. Besides that, he prefers to coerce people and threaten them rather than physically fight them.

Cang Du

He got the name Sternritter ‘I’ or The Iron for his ability to harden his skin. However, instead of using his abilities, Cang Du mostly utilizes the stolen Daiguren Hyorinmaru. Moreover, he is later executed alongside BG9 for failing their mission at Silbern.

Gerome Guizbatt

He is Sternritter ‘R’ or The Roar. In addition, he is a huge and brawny Sternritter who produces a roar that can weaken his opponent. Hence, due to the disability, Gerome ends up crushing them. But he is quickly defeated by Kenpachi.


Berenice Gabrielli

Gabrielli is Sternritter ‘Q’ and appears only once in Bleach’s manga series. Her ability included asking a question to her opponent. But, if the person ends up answering then they will suffer from self-doubt. Regardless, she is defeated at the hands of Kenpachi who effortlessly pierces her throat to silence her and renders her powerless.

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Lilotto Lamperd

She is also known as Sternritter ‘G’ or The Glutton. Moreover, she is the youngest and is one of the members of the Femritters bunch. However, she possesses the least impressive ability among her group i.e. she can expand her mouth to eat.

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