Pokemon 2019 Episode 95: Release Date and Spoilers

Pokemon 2019 Episode 107

The previous episode had some really cute and funny moments with the star of the episode obviously being Pinsir. We saw her getting down and upset in the earlier scenes of the episode only to have a happy ending with Heracross later on.

This was a satisfying resolution to the ongoing gag that Pokemon has shown us regarding Pinsir and Heracross’ relationship. To find out about Pokemon 2019 Episode 95, continue to read.

About Pokemon 2019 

This 2019 installment of the iconic 90s childhood show Pokemon follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and the new protagonist Goh as they embark on a journey together across all eight regions of the Pokémon franchise, including the new Galar region from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Other supporting characters include Professor Cerise, a Pokémon researcher who oversees the missions of Ash and Goh, and his daughter Chloe, Goh’s childhood friend.

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Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • The episode begins with Goh introducing a Lilligant that he has caught off screen to the rest of his Pokemon at Cerise’s lab and they all develop a crush on it.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • Raichu offers Lilligant some pecha berries and accepting them, Lilligant releases a sweet scent that makes everyone feel good.
  • Meanwhile, Pinsir is making a flower arrangement for Heracross but when she’s about to give it to him, he’s seen to be instead enamored by Lilligant’s sweet scent.
  • Goh notices that Pinsir isn’t behaving like her normal self because she refuses to eat. After they investigate the matter, they realize that her cause of misery is because Heracross is spending time with Lilligant.
  • We see Pinsir having an emotional moment near the river as she tries to put on an orange flower on her head multiple times. It’s a very sad scene and Goh wants to help Pinsir.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • The opportunity to relieve Pinsir’s situation comes when Goh overhears a conversation between Professor Cerise and Chloe. Chloe is about to go to a flower arrangement class to help bring out a Pokemon’s charm.
  • Ash and Goh then decide to go with Chloe as this will surely help Pinsir. The class is to be held in Celadon city and Ash mentions that he and Pikachu have battled the gym leader Erika before.
  • When they arrive at the gym, Erika greets them and she remembers Ash as the person who helped save the Pokemon from the burning gym.
  • While Erika shows the gang a bit of the flower arrangement, Pinsir is inspired and is determined to make a good arrangement to impress Heracross.
  • While other Pokemon like Pikachu and Eevee are adorned with flowers by Ash and Chloe, Goh takes charge of Pinsir’s arrangement. Goh gives Pinsir a flower which he thinks Heracross will like.
  • Team Rocket also shows up briefly in costumes along with Meowth and Wobbuffet. Their plan is to catch some Pokemon but it seems like Goh is on to them.
  • Chloe is the first to show off her beautiful flower arrangement with Eevee and Ash’s creation on Pikachu is quite clever as it utilizes Pikachu’s Thunderbolt so that the lights around Pikachu would flicker.
  • Goh is the last to show off Pinsir’s amazing flower arrangement which looks like a wedding dress and with Grookey’s help, the flowers bloom and look even more beautiful. Erika is the most impressed with this.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • Goh then sends out Heracross so he can see Pinsir and it is at this moment that Team Rocket shows up and takes Pikachu. While a battle ensues, Heracross is almost hit by a solar beam but Pinsir steps in and takes the hit for him.
  • Erika commands Leafeon to attack Team Rocket with Razor Leaf and Eevee also mimics the move. Pinsir then adds her own attack and takes care of Team Rocket.
  • After the battle, Pinsir’s pretty flower arrangement is now destroyed but Heracross fixes the flower on her head and it seems like they got a happy ending and they’ll now be a great couple.
  • The episode then ends with Erika handing Chloe a perfume made from Leafeon’s leaves as the gang is heading out.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94


Preview and Spoilers of Pokemon 2019 Episode 95

  • The preview trailer of Episode 95 tells us that the next episode will be a good slice of life episode. It will also mainly be focused on Team Rocket.
  • We get a scene where it seems like they’re working at a factory. James says that they need to do more part-time jobs so that they can financially afford the scheme they’re hoping to pull off.
  • In the next scene, we see Team Rocket being defeated by Ash and Goh as they’re sent blasting off to what fans expect to be Butch and Cassidy’s location.

Pokemon 2019

  • Cassidy says that Team Rocket isn’t the only thing to be occupied with in life and comments that maybe they should just quit.
  • However, we can’t be sure Cassidy is being truthful and actually means what she says. It could be that Butch and Cassidy quit for real and they’re trying to help Jessie and James.
  • But, it’s more likely that they’re faking to have quit in order to test Jessie and James on their loyalty to Team Rocket and prove that they’re in fact the better pair.

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Release Date of Pokemon 2019 Episode 95

Pokemon 2019 Episode 95 is scheduled to be released on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Where to Watch? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.


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