Blue Lock Chapter 148: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 148 is all set to be released and to everyone’s anticipation, we will finally be getting a conclusion to the long-fought battle between the Itoshi brothers as Isagi scores the decisive goal for the Blue Lock team. 

To find out more about Blue Lock Chapter 148, read on!

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Blue Lock Chapter 148 Release Date

It has been revealed that the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock titled “Deceleration” will be getting released on September 28th,2021. Considering there is no delay in its production, fans of Blue Lock can expect the new chapter to be released three days from now!


Blue Lock Chapter 148 Recap

Here’s a recap of what happened in the previous chapter of Blue Lock:

After being outplayed by Sae, Rin managed to tap into his awakened mode; his eyes burning with passion and with one goal in mind. To get back on Sae and snatch the ball. 

They both displayed a wide range of skills with neither of them limited by their arsenal of moves. Sae kept juking Rin, even though it looked like he would not be able to get past him.

Isagi Blue Lock


However, Rin was not the same man as before. He gazed strongly at the ball, and with a swift kick, he was able to intercept the ball much to Sae’s amazement. 

The whole stadium was stunned by the play, including Aiku. He could only watch in dismay as the ball passed over his head and over to Isagi Yochi who was waiting to catch the ball.

With this opportunity in hand, Isagi attempted a direct volley, which blasts beyond the goalkeeper’s grasp and into the back of the net. The entire stadium erupted into an uproar and everyone rushed to hug Isagi.

Blue Lock Team


Blue Lock Chapter 148 Spoilers

We can certainly expect that the Blue Lock team will be celebrating their victory over Japan U-20 with Isagi taking the centre stage. What’s interesting though is the fate of the Japan U-20 team as players of Blue Lock now look to become part of the Japan National team. 

Chapter 148 will definitely be one to look forward to!

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Where to Read Blue Lock

You can read the official version of Blue Lock from the Kodansha US website.


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