Blue Period Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers!


Blue Period Episode 6 was all about rekindling friendships while discovering art and helping each other improve their own skills in art. While Yatora embarks on his journey of art, we find that he finds more obstacles along the way. 

The exams are approaching nearer and nearer and the cram school hours have been extended from four to 13 hours. Will Yatora be able to focus his attention on art? Only time will tell and that’s why we bring you everything you need to know about Blue Period Episode 7.

Blue Period Episode 7 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 7 will be getting released on the 5th of November 2021. Every new episode gets released on a weekly basis. 

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Blue Period Episode 6 Recap

Yatora answers Yotasuke’s surprise call at the beginning of the episode and is asked if he is available. Yatora mentions that he isn’t doing anything and inquires about Yotasuke’s well-being, but Yotasuke hangs up.

Blue Period Episode 7

Yatora remembers not being talented enough and thinks about what Mrs. Ooba said, and wonders if it was a hoax call. Yatora, lost in meditation, realises he was attempting to imitate himself and is embarrassed.

When Yatora considers Yotasuke’s genius, he realises he must do everything he can to bridge the gap between himself and a genius. Later, on a New Year’s Eve, Yatora receives a call from Yotasuke, asking if he wants to go to a temple. 

As they approach the temple, Yatora notices how uninterested Yotasuke is in other people. When Yatora hears this, he is overjoyed because a guy like Yotasuke sees him as someone who stands out from the rest. At cram school, the class is assigned their winter break tasks, to which Yatora annoyingly comments that he’d want to add ten more. 

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Mrs. Ooba talks about what’s in store for the day after assigning the assignments and delivers a sponge cake. Later, when the art examinations approach nearer, Yatora discovers that cram school hours have grown from a mere four to a jaw-dropping twelve hours. Mrs. Ooba talks about how she’ll focus on dessin for the next few days before the exam before starting oil painting.


Yatora begins work on the duties he’s been assigned over the next few days, and the strenuous work becomes a little too stressful for everyone. Following that, when Yatora meets Kuwana, he’s asked if he’s ever been let down and discouraged by someone’s remarks in art.

Yatora confirms that he has, pointing out that Kuwana’s artwork differs from her sisters’ in that Kuwana is more transparent. Kuwana afterwards apologises for what they had discussed earlier and claims that what Yatora said at the time helped her feel better.

Where To Watch

You can catch the latest episodes of Blue Period on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Even Netflix releases the episodes a few days later. 

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