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Parallels Between Luffy & His Villains

Here is everything you need to know about the parallels between Luffy & his villains.

Found Family Is Central For Doflomingo And LuffyFound Family Is Central For Doflomingo And Luffy

The Donquixote Family is Doflamingo’s pride and joy. Despite his villainous tendencies, he takes care of his crew. Doflamingo deeply regretted being unable to save Vergo at Punk Hazard.

Similarly, Luffy’s affection for the Straw Hat pirates is a hallmark of his character. He has risked life, limb, and even his dream of becoming Pirate King time and again on their behalf. Both characters understand that without their friends, their dreams mean almost nothing.

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Im’s Connections To Luffy’s FruitIm's Connections To Luffy's Fruit

The Wano arc revealed that Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit is profoundly unique and connected to the world’s foundation. It was so important that the World Government renamed it. Hoping that everyone would forget the Mythical Zoan Fruit’s true potential.

Luffy’s connection with Nika alarmed Im so much that they took a personal interest in his capture. Like Vivi, Luffy has become one of the greatest priorities of the World Government. Because they understand his symbolic power and the jeopardy he poses to their order.

Big Mom’s And Luffy’s AppetitesBig Mom's And Luffy's Appetites

Big Mom and Luffy are both driven by their stomachs to such an extent that it influences how they fight. She, of course, loses her immense mass if she isn’t constantly eating. Luffy needs a hearty feast to heal from his fairly regular life-threatening injuries.

Appetites aren’t the only thing Big Mom and Luffy have in common. They’re both seeking the mantle of pirate king and consider their crews a part of their family.

Kaido And Luffy Are True LeadersKaido And Luffy Are True Leaders

Kaido and Luffy are phenomenal leaders in their own right. As the leader of the Beast Pirates, Kaido built an army of Devil Fruit soldiers using Caesar Clown’s laboratories and Doflamingo as a broker. Combined with Big Mom’s children and Wano’s support under Shogun Orochi, Onigashima became nearly impregnable.

Luffy might not be a tactical genius, but his courage and charisma inspire soldiers from all walks of life. He compensates for his lack of tactical prowess by uniting diverse groups and cultures under a single banner. They’re very different leaders but they still demonstrate the power inherent in bringing people together.

Blackbeard & Luffy Freed Impel DownBlackbeard & Luffy Freed Impel Down

Blackbeard and Luffy were both instrumental in the liberation of the Impel Down prison. Luffy freed a handful of prisoners and it snowballed into a massive breakout. Blackbeard arrived late but his role in subduing Magellan made the escape even more costly for the World Government.

Intriguingly, the breakout paid dividends for both aspiring Pirate Kings. It resulted in Jimbei’s allegiance with the Straw Hat Pirates and doubled the size of Blackbeard’s crew.

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