Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Episode 6: Everything about the anime and release date

Adapted from a light novel series authored by Yuki Yaku and Illustrated by Fly, the anime series Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun, also called ‘Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki’ is a romantic comedy show. The anime premiered recently on January 8, 2021 on Tokyo MX, ATSC and BS11.

The series largely revolves around the two characters, Aoi Hinami and Fumiya Tomozaki. They are two very different people, Aoi is a popular girl who excels in everything, while Fumiya is a gamer who is shy and socially awkward. 

When Aoi discovers that Fumiya is the one who always defeats her in the online game “Attack Families”, she chooses to help him learn social skills. She offers to be his walk through guide. 

After giving five episodes, the anime has managed to attract audiences. Here is everything you need to know about the next episode.

The Release Date of Bottom-tier character Tomozaki Episode 6 :

Episode 6 of the anime series is set to release on February 12, 2021. Production and animation is done by Project No.9, while Shinsuke Yanage handles the direction. The series is confirmed to run for 12 episodes.

Viewers can watch the episodes on Funimation, Animelab and Wakanim with Japanese audio and English subtitles. Southeast Asian fans can watch it on Aniplus Asia and Bilibili. 

What can we expect from Episode 6?

In episode 5, Fumiya, Izumi, Aoi and Takahiro go shopping to buy presents for Shuji’s birthday. Although earlier Aoi suggests Fumiya to give ideas about activities during the shopping, he is unable to participate actively. 

When Izumi and Fumiya are alone, she tells him about a rumor that Aoi and Takahiro are dating. This makes Fumiya ponder on it, initially he tries to ask Aoi about it but eventually decides not to.

The episode finishes as both Minami and Aoi give their names for Class President. In the upcoming episode 6, we can expect more on the election for the president.

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