Cinderella- A Fresh, Modern Tale of Women’s Empowerment

Cinderella 2021, like never before

The 21st-century version of Cinderella is very different from the originally told tale of 1697. The movie “Cinderella” of 2021 has a modern twist to the classic tale. With aspects such as Cinderella (Ella as per the movie) wanting to accomplish her dreams of being a businesswoman and kick-starting her aspirations, to the heir of the throne being a woman and not the first-born son, the movie does surprise its audience with new and improvised additions.

While the movie puts out a message of women being what they wish to and not what they are expected to be, and putting a strong and bold lady as the power bearer of the land, the audience does miss the originality of the story that up to a level is missing. No doubt the modern take on this fairy tale is of at most need in today’s world. Camilla Cabello portrays a strong and independent character through her acting.

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Cinderella is no longer portrayed as in need of a prince. The movie empowers women and gives a message, especially to the young girls watching it that there is more to a princess than just finding herself a prince.

A shoutout to the scene where Billy Porter dresses Cinderella in a tux rather than the original blue/white gown and acknowledges her dream of wanting to start her own business- “Dresses by Ella”. The movie inspires to chase dreams.

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