Dr Stone Chapter 217 Release Date and Spoilers!


Dr Stone will never have any lack of super-exciting inventions and plot-twsts. If you wish to know everything to know about Dr Stone Chapter 217, scroll down further.

Dr Stone Chapter 217 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 217 will be getting released on November 7, 2021 on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

Dr Stone Chapter 216 Recap

Sai and Chrome took up the work of building a rocket using rocket math, and sadly, discovered that the first rocket could not be built. Senku and his team tried several times, but it was a failure. Dr. Stone reveals the identity of Dr. Xeno and Senku’s foes during their preparations for the moon voyage.

When the chapter commences, we see Chrome and Sai working on something, with Chrome realising that travelling to outer space is quite tough. Dr. Xeno and Senku’s journey to the moon, turns out to be fake, which surprised Chrome. 


Despite the Science Kingdom team trying and failing several times. they stay hopeful that they will someday succeed and be able to travel to the moon. Chrome recognises that they’ve been through similar situations before with Senku and raises the Science Kingdom Flag from atop the skyscraper.

Dr. Stone Chapter 213

Suika is attempting to determine what went wrong and caused them to fail. Senku and Xeno are trying out multiple tests to see if they can make it through this period. Everything went according to plan, and they were both overjoyed because it was the company’s first successful launch.

Both Senku and Dr. Xeno expressed their opinions on the situation. The satellite will be launched after the rocket reaches orbital velocity. Chrome and Suika got into a discussion over Stone World’s smaller-scale rockets. 


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Suika realises that they’ll need to create a five-times-larger two-way moon rocket than the conventional one. Ryusui and Chelsea talked about how the landscape had changed over the last 3700 years. After Senku informed them of the images’ existence, Chelsea was visibly ecstatic to get the opportunity to view them for the first time. 

Dr Stone

Ryusui informs the team that they would have to undertake the arduous task of resurrecting all the petrified seven billion individuals. Senku discovers that Ryusui, a great Geographer, and Chelsea, a great leader, are the ones to blame. They make the best tag team in history. 


The group also discussed the Chinese plains and despite receiving certifications, the nuclear facility had wreaked havoc on the environment. 

Dr Stone Chapter 217 Spoilers

Currently, we don’t have any spoilers. The raw scans might be released around 4 or 5th of November 2021.

Where To Read

From Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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