Healer Girl Anime To Release In April 2022!


Recently, Studio 3Hz released a short summary of their upcoming original anime, Healer Girl. Many fans were blown away by this remarkable news because of the exciting plot mixed with beautiful music.

The anime features a world where music has the impressive ability to cure people of their ailments. Just by jamming to some good music (it’s subjective!), you can kiss goodbye to your worries and traumatic memories. That may seem impossible but in this world, it will work.

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Here are all the release details about the anime!


About Healer Girl

Studio 3Hz is producing an original Japanese anime television series called Healer Girl. Yasuhiro Irie directed the series, which was scripted by Noboru Kimura and featured Yukie Akiya’s character designs.

Healer Girl Anime Release Date

Healer Girl Anime

The Healer Girl anime will be getting released in April 2022. The exact date of the release date has not been specified yet. Also, we still don’t know the release schedule of the anime.

According to some sources, the ending sequence has been revealed. From this, we can get an idea of all the important characters who will be pivotal in the plot.


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Opening and Ending Songs

The anime’s ending theme, as depicted in the video, is “Believe Like Singing.”Four cast members, who in real life form a vocal group known as “Healer Girls”, perform this song.

The anime’s opening song, “Feel You, Heal You,” was also performed by Healer Girls. On March 6, the group will play a brief live concert at Tokyo’s Science Hall.

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