What Is The Whole Story of ‘The Ship Of Theseus’ In WandaVision?


Did you ever think two brilliant AI who were built for mass destruction/protection would actually end things like the way in WandaVision Finale?

Never once have we seen two intelligent creatures end up solving a fight by just talking. As much as we saw them kick butts, shoot lasers and pass through each other initially, we didn’t expect a simple solution.

This whole philosophical solution doesn’t work with other villains or superheroes in Marvel, but it goes with Vision and his characteristics. Once we heard the entire Ship of Theseus thing, some of us were confused.

What is “The Ship Of Theseus”?

The puzzle put forth by our bubble Vision about the Ship of Theseus dates back millennia and is said to have been dealt with the nature of identity.

The riddle posed by bubble Vision is about a famous ship used by a hero named Theseus that has been kept on display for years.

As years go by, parts of the ship had to be replaced due to decay in the ship’s woods, and it ends up having every part of it being replaced.


Now the question here arises if the ship in the display is still the original ship of Theseus. Then comes another problem. If the original parts were thrown out, what if those parts were said to be restored and reformed into a new one? Will that be the ship of Theseus or the one on display?

What does this have to do with WandaVision?

This puzzle sure does mess with your head, but the bubble Vision picked the right thing to explain to another philosophical and brilliant AI like the White Vision when you think about it.

So, the comparison to the Theseus‘ ship here is that the newly assembled and reformed Vision here is the White Vision. Hayward, the sneaky bastard, did that.

The newly created Vision with Wanda‘s magic, who resembled Vision and stood for everything the old Vision stood for, is the ship on display.

With this theory, Bubble Vision was able to get White Vision to trust him and regain his memory.

Has it been done before?

Image From 2017’s Avengers #6

MCU might be a superhit, but they owe half of it to the Marvel comics. Many crucial plots and scenes from the comics have been used by Marvel Studios, which is one of the reasons it is number one in its game.

This trick was used by Vision in Avengers Vol. 7 #6 in the year 2017. Written by Mark Waid, this comic concentrates on the battle against the longtime foe of Earth’s mightiest heroes, Kang the Conqueror

The comic mentioned here uses this theory to calm Vision down when he meets the Vision from the end of time. He is upset and unsettled when he finds out that he ends up outliving everyone he loves.

Future Vision, who looks a lot different than present-day Vision, then raises the ‘The Ship of Theseus‘ riddle that bubble Vision asked, by asking that if all of Vision‘s parts have been replaced, are the two Visions indeed the same being?

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